OH MY GOD – It Happened!


OK so that’s the censored version of what came out my mouth last week when my Twitter feed went BANANAS!!


It had taken quite some time but FINALLY…


I’d won Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday competition!!


Every Sunday from 5pm-7.30pm, Theo Paphitis (from Dragons Den) gives small businesses the chance to tweet and sell him their business.


He then selects 6 lucky winners every Monday night by giving them a retweet.


Winners then become part of his SBS (Small Business Sunday) family, gain access to a private Facebook networking group, get exclusive access to SBS events with him personally as well as other celebs plus a whole lot more of positive media publicity.


I tweeted ‘The Dragon’ EVERY Sunday for around 2 years (yup 2 years!!)


With Theo having around half a MILLION followers and 1000’s of businesses from all over the UK entering it was never going to be quick and easy.


Although I always stayed so positive Theo would pick me as I truly believe in what I do.


I told my wife every week….


THIS time, THIS time, then each Monday had to suck it up when I found out I’d ‘lost’


To be honest, when I sent that winning Tweet (top right pic).


I was hungover from our annual BodyMax Network Easter event, sat on the sofa, spectacularly falling off the wagon, stuffing my face with crap, feeling sorry for myself and on the verge of GIVING UP.


I’d ‘lost’ around 100 times!!


Then BOOM – it happened : )


Moral of the Story?


1. NEVER give up – you never know what’s around the corner.


2. Whatever your goals are – consistency and persistence will ALWAYS pay off.


3. Opportunities are there to be GRABBED – don’t let them pass you.


4. My BodyMax Network events are LEGENDARY – you should come join us.


5. Hangovers mess with your mindset AAAND waistline!! lol.


While working hard is definitely important.


So is REST and recovery (something I’m not very good at).


Which is exactly what me and my family are doing this w/e.


I’ll therefore be out the office tomorrow lunchtime until Monday 14th May evening so just a heads up – I won’t be writing a Monday blog.




Stay tuned for next Thursday when I’ll be giving you a banging beach bod workout video!!


I’ll be posting some pics/videos on my social media over the w/e so if we’re not already and you want to see what I get up to, let’s get connected : )


Lee ‘about to switch on holiday mode’ Donald x



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