I hope you had a great w/e.


After winning Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis’s competition last year and gaining his business seal of approval.


I’m currently out the office in Birmingham at an exclusive winner’s only event and excited to say, will be picking up my certificate from the man himself.


I feel a selfie coming on! lol.


It’s all very exciting, however today is all about YOU.


I promised last Thursday, 4 mini challenges to help you kick ‘Feel Good Feb’ in to first gear.


To feel confident, sexy and start 2019 strong.


I also gave you a super quick, serious ab-flab busting workout.


The workout, the mini challenges


NONE of it is complicated however…


I guarantee it’ll have a MASSIVE impact on your body, confidence, energy, fitness and happiness if you’re willing to put in the effort and give it a try.


And hey, I’m not going to leave you hanging.


I’ll be there to support you through it all as always.


This all starts TODAY!




– One workout 3x per week (15-20 mins)


– 4 mini challenges to complete by the END of the month


(I’ll be helping you achieve them)


Don’t WORRY if you need to choose the modifications in the workout.


Don’t STRESS if it takes you a little time to complete the mini challenges.


We ALL have to start somewhere and the whole aim is to help you become stronger, fitter, healthier, happier and more motivated as the month goes on.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.


*** Your 4 Mini Challenges ***


1. Track your calories on MyFitnessPal (free app) for at least ONE Week


Ideally you’ll do this for the month but at least one week.


This will be a HUGE eyeopener for many and give you an insane amount of knowledge to be able to hit your goals and get amazing results.


Not sure how to work MFP? – Check out YouTube.


2. Drink at Least 2 Litres of Water Daily


Boosts fatloss, increases energy and essential for your body to function.


This is sooo simple, has so many benefits yet so many people don’t do it.


Start each day by waking up and drinking some water (lets create good habits).


If you struggle to keep sipping throughout the day, set an alarm on your phone every 1-2 hours.


3. Aim To Hit Around 10,000 Steps Daily


If you don’t have a Fitbit or anything similar, download a pedometer app on your phone or purchase a pedometer for around £5 from Amazon.


You may be surprised at just how INACTIVE you are.


If you’re nowhere near 10k just try to increase your steps each day/week.


Challenge your family/friends/colleagues for abit of healthy competition and motivation.


4. Eat More Protein


Builds and repairs your muscles, CURBS cravings and keeps you fuller for longer.


Try to have it at EVERY meal and include it in your snacks if you can.


Think lean meats, fish, eggs, chick peas, beans, pulses, quinoa, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, babybels, etc.


Planning your meals (even 1 day ahead) is key.


5. Cut Down The Crap


Ok so this is an extra one but just abit of common sense to help you shed those unwanted pounds and feel happier in yourself.


Eat Crap = Feel Like Crap.


You don’t have to cut it out completely (life’s to short).


If you want a bag of crisps, chocolate bar or glass of vino you can have it but just in MODERATION and make sure you can account for it in your daily/weekly calories.


You’ll be able to remove any guesswork here by completing mini challenge No.1 (My Fitness Pal)


*** Your Workout ***


Press play and do workout once = 1 Round.


Aim for 2-4 Rounds.


Dependent on your fitness level and time available.




Step (if you have one but not essential).


I’ve timed it all for you and will be right there getting a sweat on with you.


Simply press play and GO!



Lee ‘helping you bring sexy back’ Donald x



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