"I've been attending  all three of Lee’s fitness classes for nearly six years now and been 1-2-1 personal training for over six years. What can I say, the best thing I ever did. Walked in a 52 year old timid woman not having done any exercise since school days to now running 10km's and doing obstacle course races with some of the other girls. Who would have thought I’d be where I am now at almost 59 years old. Lee brings out the best in you and always motivates you . All I can say is, I wish I'd joined sooner. Highly recommend both Lee’s fitness classes and Personal Training."     

"18 months ago I was a stressed busy mum of three with high blood pressure and no time for myself then I met Lee.

Now instead of using every excuse to cancel classes or not go to the gym I can't wait to go, my blood pressure is now normal, I’m fit and so much less stressed. Lee makes my sessions fun and always believes that you can do it (she does makes you work VERY hard although it never seems it). Even my kids love her whenever one is off school they can't wait to come along and be my buddy.

Thanks Lee for helping me make the changes I needed to do."



"As one of Lee's more senior clients heading rapidly to the 60 I was over weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol throw the roof, asthma and it was a major operation to even tie my shoe laces. 3 years ago I got a fathers day present of 10 training sessions from my concerned daughters. 3 years later I'm still training with Lee who has now re-installed self belief and that age is no barrier or excuse for an unhealthy lifestyle or personnel fitness.

My twice weekly sessions are both fun and challenging with her infatuating style and will for you to succeed in being the best you can be. Lee's motivational skills with all here weekly news letters covering nutrition, monthly challenges, personnel self help are all part of Lee's personnel quest to make you the best you can be and get the best from life. I've now lost weight, blood pressure and cholesterol are normal and l can tie my shoes laces without performing a major athletic maneuver. She makes it fun and you feel part of fitness family here."



"100% recommend Lee's classes. They're hard work but so much fun at the same time! Lee always knows how to push and challenge you to help you achieve the best results possible. There's the best bunch of women to workout with too! "     
"Lee is amazing and inspirational. I'm a larger lady and thought I'd feel out of place but I didn't, I felt welcomed by everyone. It's over a year now I've been going to classes and not looked back!"     
"I've been attending Lee's classes for almost 7 years now. From the first day I walked through the doors, I was made to feel welcome by everyone. There's a great group of women who always help and motivate each other. Lee is amazing and always inspiring, motivating and pushing us to get the best out of ourselves. If it wasn't for Lee, I would never had thought I'd have the courage to take part in an obstacle course race or simply enjoy exercise as much as I do. I've also made some amazing and life long friends along the way."     
"I really don’t know where to start, Lee is amazing and the encouragement that comes from her is outstanding. I used to hate exercising or doing any kind of workout but I attend Lee's classes and I love them!! Can’t recommend them enough and can’t wait to see how the rest of my journey with Team LDPT goes!"