The BodyMax Network consists of 3 unique, exclusive & award winning fitness classes in Aberdeen delivering an unforgettable experience to empower women.

Helping them get results and change their lives without having to join a gym!

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Expect fun, results driven workouts, motivational emails, the chance to earn fitness passes/free classes, to win prizes, meet new like-minded people, an invite into our private Facebook group as well as our exciting annual social and fitness events.

BodyMax™, BodyMax Blast™ & BodyMax Burn™ are so much more than just fitness classes.


Exclusive womens only high intensity fitness class specifically designed for fatloss, toning and improving overall fitness.

Suitable for beginners to advanced this unique class not only caters for all abilities and gets results but is also FUN!



Exclusive womens only 30min high intensity fitness class specifically designed for fatloss and fitness.

MAXIMUM results in MINIMUM time.

Suitable for beginners to advanced, this unique class caters for all abilities.



A high intensity fitness class designed to MAXimise your fatloss , fitness & toning in just 30mins.

Exclusively womens only and using a unique training method – there is NO other class like this!




"I have been attending BodyMax classes for 4 years come October. I also attend BodyMax Blast & BodyMax Burn which are great & only last half an hour. I can't express just how much I have gained from these classes. I have improved my fitness level, became stronger, lost weight & toned my body. I've also made great friends and I feel much happier in myself thanks to lee & the girls for keeping me motivated."



"I've been going to all 3 of Lee's classes for 2 years now to help me maintain my fitness levels. I get bored quickly with my exercise routines so the choice of 3 different classes with Lee keeps me motivated. I really like the fact that she changes the routines up and adds harder or easier versions to the classes. I also like the fact the women attending classes are all ages and ability ranges and everyone is made to feel part of the BodyMax family from day one. If you're not feeling on top form then everyone helps to keep you going through to the end of the session no matter your fitness level or goals."



"Excellent classes, for all shapes and fitness levels. The ONLY class I have ever been to and not felt intimidated or self-conscious. The classes are fun, yet tough and everyone makes you feel welcome. In the past 10 weeks I've notice a drastic difference in my fitness levels, I no longer cringe at the mention of 'burpees!' (Truth be known I actually like them now!). And each week I try and push myself that little bit further and really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

But, I couldn't do this without the support of Lee, she just bursts with energy and enthusiasm. I have never met someone that's full of so much life, great motivator!"



"I was very nervous about starting classes but lee and the ladies are very supportive. We all help each other to reach our common goals. Thanks to lee I have lost an amazing amount of weight and continue to do so."