Holy Macaroni – Summer is fairly kicking off!!


How exciting is that?


From BBQ’s, hitting beer gardens, having fun at the park, laying out in the back garden, topping up the tan to holidays.


The finer weather can bring an INCREDIBLE amount of happiness to people.


Buuuut it can also trigger some pretty uncomfortable, unhappy and negative emotions too.


Skirts, shorts, dresses, bikinis, beachwear, crop tops, strappy tops, tighter clothes, less clothes.


Summer time means we tend to expose our bodies more and THAT can send ‘the fear’ into any woman not comfortable with how they look/feel.


Especially if you’ve been ‘hiding away’ at home in your comfys and munching mindlessly through all the current stresses.


Sun comes out, warmer weather arrives, reality hits and you think:


What have I done?!


The main culprit?


The pooch aka jelly belly.


An area I’m asked ALL the time how to reduce.


The Bad News?


You can’t spot reduce.


If someone says you can, science says they’re lying and they’re just trying to make a quick buck at your expense.


Wherever your body decides to store/remove fat from first/last is down to your genetics.


The Good News?


If you drop your overall bodyfat percentage – you WILL (even if it takes a little longer) target that belly fat, bingo wings, muffin top and any other area you want to reduce.


OK, great Lee – so how do I drop my overall bodyfat %?


1️⃣ Create a Calorie Deficit


i.e burn more calories than you consume.


To do this,


Figure out your calorie target – aim to stay within your weekly calories.

Figure out your protein target – aim to hit this daily.


If you’re unsure how to do this, use my FREE Calorie Calculator


For better, faster results, track your calories/protein accordingly to assess your progress.


2️⃣ Aim for a Minimum 10k+ Steps Daily.


Apart from your BMR (calories you body needs at rest just to survive).


THIS is what your biggest calorie burn will come from to help you accelerate your results and enhance what you’re already doing with your nutrition.


I can’t stress it enough, it doesn’t matter if you hit your workouts 7 days a week.


If you don’t move much outwith your ‘workout’ and want to burn bodyfat you’re seriously missing out!!


Just please remember whilst the above is true, we should never look at exercise merely as a tool for weightloss.


There are soo many amazing mental and physical health benefits that are far more important and by focussing on these, will make exercise alot more enjoyable.


3️⃣ Get Strength/Resistance Training


Whilst dialling in your nutrition and increasing your movement will help create that calorie deficit thus enabling you to drop your overall bodyfat % and target all areas including that abflab.


If you really want to change how your body looks, then strength/resistance workouts are a non-negotiable (ideally x2-3 per week).


These will not only help shape and sculpt your body by helping you build muscle as you burn fat.


They will also massively boost your fitness, strength, joint health, bone density, help alleviate menopause symptoms and make you feel amazing.


Hmm, OK, but what exactly do you mean Lee?


Here’s one I made earlier


I’ve edited the pre/post workout chat so all you have to do is grab your trainers and press play.



This was actually a live workout I did inside The MAX Experience


There’s been LOADS added to it over the years to help give women everything they need to achieve their goals without having to diet or join a gym.


BUT…the price has always remained the same!!


Because I believe losing weight, getting in shape and feeling healthier/happier should be made accessible and affordable to everyone.


At only 65p a day, it’s insane value for money and much needed given today’s crazy cost of living.


You should never have to sacrifice your mental health, happiness or fitness.


If you agree.


If you’re ready to transform your body & mindset and feel confident and happy in your skin this Summer.


Come join an amazing community of women and get started today.


Lee ‘Ab-Flab Fighter’ Donald x



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