Unfortunately this statement is true and if you’re nutrition is not on point it really doesn’t matter how much you exercise.

Like most people you’re probably confused with all the conflicting information out there about what you should and shouldn’t be eating.


1. If you’re struggling to lose weight.

2. Confused about what you should be eating.

3. Fed up feeling stuck in a rut and not making progress.

4. Want to take control and get your confidence back.

5. Want to feel healthier and happy with your reflection.


Then a personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan is the perfect solution.


  • You’ll receive an easy to follow personalised 6 week plan with tasty meals designed around the foods you love.
  • Daily calories, protein, carbs and fat are pre-calculated for you in accordance to your goals.
  • Receive an essential and useful nutrition guide, a helpful list of snacks including best snacks under 120 cals as well as 40 super tasty bonus recipes.
  • Expect weekly check-ins via email to help keep you motivated and on track.
  • Unlimited support and access to me personally.
  • You will also be required to use MyFitnessPal to gain maximum results so your daily calories are exact and not guess work.
  • For ease, all recipes can be found pre-entered into MFP

MyFitnessPal is a FREE and easy to use app.

This is not compulsory but if you want to get the most from your meal plan, this is highly recommended.


Once you hit the PAY NOW button and pay for your plan you will be sent a Nutritional Questionnaire.

You will receive this questionnaire by email.

If you do not receive this, please check your junk folder!

Complete your Nutritional Questionnaire, hit the send button at the bottom of the page and you’re personalised 6 Week Nutrition Plan including recipes will be sent directly to your inbox within 72 working hours.

It’s that simple.

To purchase your 6 Week Nutrition Plan with recipes, click PAY NOW:

Price: £125.00



6 weeks completed and a total of 16.5 inches gone!

“My weight has really fluctuated over the last 6 weeks – I’m currently just 1.5kg lighter than I was when I started.

So so glad I took the photos and measurements as otherwise I’d probably be quite disheartened!

I’m really pleased though and I didn’t quite manage to follow it to the letter as I had a hen weekend, two Christmas nights out, my graduation which included cocktails and a meal, and two other meals out so looking forward to starting week 1 again after Christmas!

Going to keep on using MFP and try to stay within my cals and protein over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you so much Lee!”

Katy Graham

Katy 2


7 days of healthy eating plan, 10 days of upping the exercise and 4lb down!
Chuffed to bits!!


7.1cm off hips
6.1cm off waist
2.5cm off arms

I don’t constantly feel bloated and I’m noticing a difference in my work clothes, they’re definitely feeling looser.


Week 2 – On plan and loving it really starting to feel like I have more energy and clothes definitely a lot looser too so all good.


24.5 inches down!


The plan’s really easy to follow.

Can’t believe how much I’m eating & still staying within the calorie/protein target.


Definitely noticing changes and it’s given me the incentive to keep going.

Boyfriend has noticed changes too!