A high intensity fitness class designed to MAXimise your fatloss , fitness & toning in just 30mins.

Exclusively women only and using a unique training method – there is NO other class like this.

Suitable for all abilities, although BodyMax or BodyMax Blast are advised first for complete beginners.

Receive regular emails for motivation, class updates, enjoy our exclusive private Facebook Group as well social events and a warm welcome into The BodyMax Network.


Location: Summerhill Church, Aberdeen

Time: Friday 6.00-6.30pm

Cost: £7


Transferrable at BodyMax & BodyMax Blast

Payment can be made at the door or ‘add to cart’

(Add to cart will incur a Paypal processing fee)

£35 (5 classes)

£70 (10 classes)


To book your place, please contact Lee via TEXT on 07510 054 788.