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  •  If you’re a woman who’d like to learn how to lose weight and keep it off.


  • How to enjoy eating chocolate and drinking alcohol and still get amazing results.


  •  How to spend less time getting those results so you have more time for other things.


  •  How to build your confidence, mental health and be able to think more positively.


  •  How to have more energy, sleep better & stress less through making small, simply changes.


  • How to simply bounce back stronger than ever in 2024!


Without having to diet.

Without having to join a gym.


You’ll LOVE The MAX Experience!


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  • Live workouts
  • Over 300 home workouts
  • Over 600 family friendly recipes
  • New recipes weekly
  • Calorie calculator
  • Tracking Sheet
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Getting started & educational videos
  • Private Facebook group
  • Challenges & prizes
  • Weekly check ins
  • Live Q&A’s
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  • Access to 100’s of short videos for motivation & tips
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If you love it as much as I think you will and want to stay, it’s only £20 a month thereafter which you can cancel anytime by the tap of a button.


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Doors Close Thursday 7th December @ 8pm


Meet Sandra-Dee

In 10 months I’ve lost over 3 stone and dropped about 3 dress sizes but more importantly, I’ve become fitter, healthier and happier.

I would highly recommend The MAX Experience!

Meet Hayleigh

This awesome lady has changed my life and I’ve not even met her yet.

If you want to look better, feel better and just generally feel happier within yourself then get signed up.

Best thing I’ve ever done!

Meet Nic

I’m 53 yrs old, been there, done that with all the quick fixes over the years and know they don’t work.

The MAX Experience DOES

I’ve lost 11 lbs
3 inches off my hips
3 inches off my waist
An inch off my bust

I feel toned, full of energy, content, happy, confident and my skin is glowing.

I’m in the best place I’ve ever been both physically and mentally and feel fantastic!

Meet Sarah

I’ve gone down a dress size, am stronger, more toned, have more energy, make better food choices and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

I’m also able to look in the mirror and feel happy with the changes I see.

I can’t recommend The MAX Experience enough!

Lee Donald – MAX Experience Creator

Having transformed my own life, it’s my passion to help other women do the same.

I know what’s important to focus on, how to keep things simple and how to get lasting results.

Everything I’ve learnt, I teach inside The MAX Experience.

If I can do it – you can do it!