3 years ago today BBC Scotland News approached me about ‘my story’ – did you see it?


You possibly did and may already know about my back story but to some this will likely come as abit of a shock.


Creating this video with the BBC was actually one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve done and pushed me waaay outside my comfort zone!


Having such personal information shared in a newspaper, which I’ve done numerous times before is one thing.


But making a video, talking about it so publicly and having it shared to thousands of people online was next level.


It makes me really sad thinking about how life used to be, yet at the same time incredibly proud of the person I’ve become.


I didn’t think I’d live to see my 21st Birthday.


Lost my front teeth, friends and an amazing job as a Water Sports Instructor in the South of France.


However, this March I turned 40 years old.


Am super healthy, happy, doing a job I couldn’t love more, have to beautiful kids to be a positive role model for and glad I refused to give up!!


The whole point of sharing my story is to help motivate and inspire others who may be struggling and perhaps in the same boat I was.


Turning your life around and changing your mindset is majorly challenging.


It takes time and something I continue to work at daily.


But the message is – it’s possible!!



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My best advice is to hang in there and do your best to talk about things, it’s one of the 1st stages of recovery and you have nothing to be ashamed of especially when it comes to mental health issues.


Get as much support and help as you can and always focus on winning one day at a time.


If you need help with an eating disorder, here’s the best place to go:


BEAT – UK’s Leading Eating Disorder Charity


Lee ‘surviving and thriving’ Donald x



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