I hope you had a good weekend.


Hopefully you also read my blog last Monday about 5 things you need to AVOID when it comes to weightloss.


All those things really are essential to prevent you wasting your precious time and money.


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So today,


I’m going to share everything you need to DO to make weightloss happen, how to keep simple and guarantee yourself results.


Also how to gain LASTING results so you never need to stress about ‘your next diet’ or fitting into your Summer wardrobe again.


So let’s jump straight in.


If you want to lose weight.


If you want to learn how to keep it off.


If you want to enjoy the process without cutting out your favourite food, alcohol or joining a gym.


If you want to have more energy, get fitter, feel more positive and be healthy while it happens.


These are non negotiables.




This means you need to burn more calories than you consume.


Without a calorie deficit you will not lose weight – period.



How many calories do I need to aim for Lee?


Tap here for my FREE Calorie Calculator




Sleep directly affects your mood, energy and hunger levels.


Whilst lack of sleep in itself won’t make you gain weight.


It WILL make you tired, de-motivated, affect your hunger hormones and make you more prone to:


Skipping workouts, moving less than usual and reaching for sugary food which in turn….which will likely put you into a calorie surplus will make you gain weight.


It’s also your body and mind’s chance to re-charge and repair itself for the day ahead.


Aim for 7-9hours.




Water is life.


It has MASSIVE impact on your energy, physical performance, digestion, skin, brain function, preventing headaches, constipation, lubricating your joints, flushing out toxins, aiding weightloss and for you body’s ability to carry out even the most basic of jobs effectively.


Aim to drink at least 2ltres daily and if you don’t like water (like me), get some diluting juice like Vimto.




Protein keeps you fuller for longer which helps prevent you reaching for those munchies and stay in your calorie deficit.


It also helps build & repair your muscle.


The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll naturally burn and stronger (sexier) you’ll feel.


If you want that ‘toned’ look – you need to drop bodyfat and build muscle.


How much protein do I need Lee?


Use my FREE Calorie Calculator and it will tell you




Balance is super important not just to enable you to enjoy the process – you’re in this for life!!


It also helps with adherence.


If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll stick at it and THAT is what will get you results.


Aim for 80% nutritious foods / 20% flexibility.


And think moderation, not elimination.




Consistency is key.


A half assed effort will get you half assed results.


Nothing need to be perfect but keeping yourself ON point more than you’re OFF point is a great start.




Exercise is essential for your mental health, physical health and burning calories.


From weightloss, protection against chronic diseases, improving your blood pressure, heart health, quality of sleep, reducing anxiety, depression to LOADS more.


Walk daily (aim for 8-10k steps) and workout often (aim for 2-3x per week).


Do I need to join a gym to workout? – No


How long do I need to workout for? – 10-30mins


What’s the best kind of workouts to do?


Grab a FREE 7 day trial to The MAX Experience and I’ll show you.


With currently over 250 home workouts ranging from 10-30mins to fit around your busy lifestyle, you’ll never get bored or stuck for ideas.




A negative mind will never lead a positive life.


Adopting a more positive mindset is incredibly important as this will affect every aspect of your life.


Aim to start the day with a positive thought and focus more on what’s going well rather than what’s going wrong.


Your mindset wont change overnight but soon, the effort you consistently put in will pay off.


I hope you found today’s blog useful and if you did, please share it with any friends/family you think may benefit from it too!


Oh and last but not least…


Stay tuned to next Monday’s blog.


I have some exciting news and an opportunity for 1-3 women reading this that hasn’t been available in over 9 years!!


Lee ‘dedicated to your success’ Donald x



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