Remember me?


I know it’s been a while!!


13 weeks ago today, I wrote my final blog before heading to Nepal to take on the craziest, most dangerous challenge I’ve ever done and fulfil my lifelong dream of conquering Mount Everest.


Not sure if you followed this on my social media, however am super proud to say I DID IT!!


I completed my journey from rock bottom to the top of the world and became the 7th female from Scotland to summit the highest mountain in the world.


I can’t put into words how hard or emotional it was but hope it helped inspire people along the way to know you can always turn your life around.


Delighted to say, I also managed to raise over £7k for Friend’s of Anchor in honor of my late Grumpa thanks to everyone’s kind donations.


Here’s a little 1min snippet of our final summit push.


From standing on that summit to the intense training I needed to do prior.


It was all a result of 3 key principles.


1️⃣ I set myself daily goals (training, nutrition, hydration, sleep, rest, etc)


2️⃣ I backed my chat and did what I said I was going to do (even on the days I didn’t feel like it, believe me there was many).


3️⃣ I told myself “I CAN DO THIS!” no matter how tough things got (never underestimate the power of self belief, your mindset is everything).


Whether you want to climb the highest mountain in the world or simply look and feel better for Summer just around the corner.


No matter what you want to achieve, it all requires the same process.


Setting Goals – Taking Action – Self Belief.


However, whilst the process is simple.


Implementing it…is not.


And why many people go around in circles, start/stop and never see/feel any real progress.


Sound familiar?


This is why having support, accountability and actually enjoying the process is so important and an essential part of success.


And this is what I’ve spent the last 13 years in business doing ❤️


I’m now officially back in the office, so if you’re a woman reading this who’s fed up of not looking and feeling your best.


✅ If you want your clothes to feel looser and fit better.

✅ If you’d like to have more energy, confidence and self esteem.

✅ If you’re ready to finally take control, create healthier habits and break that yo-yo cycle.


Aaand if you’d like to make this happen without having to join a gym, go on a diet or give up socialising with your friends.


You can find some info on my services here:


1-2-1 Personal Training

The MAX Experience (online coaching)

BodyMax Blast (fitness class)

Personalised 6 Week Nutrition Plans


If you have any questions or if I can help you in anyway, just drop me a message and we can chat.


Otherwise keep posted each Monday when I’ll be writing more blogs packed full of motivation, recipes, workouts, tips and everything else I can to help you make this Summer (and life) the best it can possibly be.


Lee ‘took the highest selfie in the world’ Donald x



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