Having fallen off the radar and not blogged for over 2 weeks, you may be thinking:


‘Lee – where have you been?’




Both those Monday’s turned out to be holidays which I was still working on but just didn’t have the energy or mental capacity to compose a blog.


Yuuup….not gonna lie.


Things have been going 100mph recently and physically, mentally, emotionally.


I’ve been feeling burnt out and drained.


Sadly but true, I’m not superhuman.


– To run a busy business solo (approx 12+ hours daily).


– Recover from major surgery.


– Train for a big comeback event (Beast Race) I had to pull out of the week before.


Turns out it takes longer than 10weeks to fully recover from said surgery : (


– Still try to organise and support Team LDPT members competing.


– Organise and prepare for The Scotland Prestige Awards in Edinburgh next Sunday.


– Spend QT with the Bosses (my 6 & 3 year old).


– Work my ass off behind the scenes pulling together plans for the BIGGEST, scariest, most dangerous, high profile goal of my entire life (this will be revealed 1st week of November).


– Make time for the usual stuff like cleaning, food shopping, etc.


– Amongst dealing with other personal things.


Things have been pretty full on and stressful.




Life is always 10% of what happen to us and 90% how we CHOOSE to deal with it.




  • Time to plan like a boss.
  • Keep setting daily goals.
  • Make lists.
  • Give 100% and back my chat.
  • Increase caffeine levels : )
  • Make my mental health & energy a priority.
  • Fill my head with positive thoughts.
  • Focus on solutions, not problems.
  • Let go of negative situations and people I can’t change or control.
  • Don’t let the past or stress of what the future may hold prevent me from enjoying and embracing the present.
  • Walk away from bullsh*t and drama.
  • Surround myself with those who support me and lift me up.
  • And remember, every day I get to choose whether it’s a good one or bad one.




Conquer your mind and you can conquer anything.


No matter how busy or stressful things get or what life throws at you.


When you choose to take action, think more positively and follow what I’ve mentioned above, the world becomes a much HAPPIER place to live (especially between your ears).


This applies to everything and everyone.


With a new month just begun, I’m already putting this into action!!


If you need some extra support, motivation and guidance this month to achieve your goals and feel better in yourself.


Especially before all the hustle & bustle of the festive season kicks off.


Just get in touch.


Lee ‘having a good day’ Donald x


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