I hope you had a great weekend.


Today, I’m keeping it short n sweet and just wanted to share some exciting news with you.


This Wednesday 5th July @ 7pm on Instagram, I’ll be doing a LIVE chat with Andy Oliver.


Andy’s a showbiz reporter, presenter, event host, compere an actor.


He’s interviewed LOADS of famous celebs and apparently, soon to be me : )


We’ll be talking about ‘my story’ along with all things Everest and would be fab to see you tuning in.


Want to know something funny?


I’ve actually no idea how this all works…..aaaand am not very tech savvy.


I’ve never done an Instagram interview before.


I’ve never gone live on Instagram before.


Being honest – am I abit nervous? – Yes.


But whether it’s your 1st fitness class, 1st day at your new work or 1st time driving.


Your 1st ANYTHING is always going to be abit nerve wracking.


It may go really well.


It may go horribly wrong.


And that’s OK, it’s all part of the learning process.


However, here’s hoping it all comes together on the night, lol.


Will it or won’t it?


One thing I do know.


If you want to tune in and see, just go to Andy’s Instagram page on Wednesday @ 7pm


Ooo and I can also confirm, I have some other exciting media news lined up this Friday but will tell you about that later.


Lee ‘preparing for her 1st live chat’ Donald x



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