I hope you had a great weekend.


It’s officially ‘Spring Eve’ today which is pretty exciting.


Because this means…


Tomorrow, Spring will finally kick off, the days will continue to get lighter, the weather will get warmer (hopefully, lol) and Summer will soon be on it’s way.


Wooohoo, bring on those bar-b’s.


But if you don’t quite feel ‘Summer Ready’ just yet and perhaps need abit more time to look & feel you best – don’t worry.


I’ll be here to help you with that!!


However, today I just wanted to share with you some other exciting news and ask if you wouldn’t mind, please helping me.


On 30th June 2022 in Glasgow, the first ever Scottish Health & Fitness Awards will take place.


2 years later than expected due to Covid, however fab they’re now going ahead!


Aaand I’m up for an award.


Female Personal Trainer of The Year.


If you think I deserve the chance to win, it would mean alot if you kindly took a minute to vote.


If you’d like to add a sentence or 2 why, even better.


Voting Link:



Helping people become stronger, healthier, happier versions of themselves and changing their lives is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.


It can also be equally challenging.


And I know many Personal Trainers have worked harder than ever these last 2 years in particular.


Adapting their business’s to survive a global pandemic and supporting their clients’ health, fitness, mindset & mental health through quite possibly the toughest time in people’s lives all while going through incredibly hard times themselves.


It’s been a crazy journey!!


And not gonna lie, it’s always nice to win (of course it is) but win or lose, it feels amazing to simply be part of these awards and have that hard work recognised.


If you’d like to help me win and take one home for Aberdeen, just hit this link and vote.


Lee ‘feeling thankful’ Donald x



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