Last Thursday,


I got the super exciting news via email that I’d made it as a finalist at the Aberdeen Sports Awards taking place at P&J Live on Thursday 23rd March.


Apparently there were a mountain of entries in each category but the judges had narrowed it down from what they considered strong contenders and decided that I was worthy of possibly being:


🏆 Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach of the Year 2023.


Not gonna lie…


Totally busted out an air dance in a very uncool manner in my kitchen and had the biggest smile on my face shouting ‘yessssss’ as I totally wasn’t expecting it.


Between the typical start of a new year with things in 1st gear.


Single handedly running my business, helping all my clients get back on track after the holidays, motivating and training my fitness class members, running a January Challenge with my MAX Experience members and sending you weekly emails to help you achieve your goals.


Plus the usual mum life, working out hard and on top of that…


Organising a ridiculous amount things from training, equipment, sponsorship and fundraising events for my challenge of lifetime – climbing Mount Everest.


(I’ll tell you all about that in another blog).


I’ve been flat out and pretty stressed.


So to get this exciting and positive news was AMAZING!!


The Evening Express revealed all the finalists last Friday – did you see it?



However, they also revealed the winner would be decided by public vote!!




I recruited the help of The Mini Boss and about 40 takes later we had a video haha.


She was super excited, mainly because she realised, she was going to be on Youtube.


If you think I deserve to win and can take a second to vote (it’s that quick), it really would mean alot.


Just tap here, select ‘Lee Donald’ – done.


And hey, if you wanted to get your partner, kids and friends to vote too…I wouldn’t be mad, lol.


It always feels abit weird asking people for help as it’s usually the other way round, so just to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog this so far.


Here’s a super tasty, high protein, low cal Pad Thai recipe I shared inside The MAX Experience last week.


And yup,


There’s a cheeky barcode, so if you’re tracking your food, just scan the code and the recipe will be there to save you precious time – Enjoy!!



Lee ‘got her fingers crossed’ Donald x



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