Sunshine, sweat, mud, barbed wire, fire jumping, ice tanks, monkey bars, cage crawling and breathing out my butt!!


Hands up – I ALWAYS write a blog on Mondays.


But last Monday, I was driving home from Leeds after competing at Total Warrior (12km 25 obstacle course race).


It was my 1st big comeback race due to injury in years and buzzing it went so well. Even qualified for the European Championships in Hungary next year!!


Anyway, I needed some time out to recover when I got home so my apologies, I was off my game.


However, I’m back in the office, the Summer holidays have officially landed and am ready to help you make them the best you can.


To feel good in yourself, achieve your goals and keep moving forward.


Whether you’re planning or trip abroad, staycationing or simply staying at home.


Regardless of WHERE you are this Summer, I’ve got some top ‘secrets’ to help you fight that holiday flab.


The flab that always seems to be so easy to gain and 10x harder to lose!


These ‘secrets’ are what I put into practice on every holiday and to be fair just in general.


If you’d like to know how to enjoy your holibobs without sacrificing your waistline, then read on.


They’re super simple and something EVERYBODY can do.


1. Avoid alcohol during the day.


This will make a major difference not only to your calories consumed but also energy levels, mood and munchies the next day.


2. Opt for lower cal drinks.


Making simple swaps by opting for lower calorie drinks is a massive game changer.


Think low cal mixers, lighter beers, smaller glasses of wine or prosecco.


My fave is vodka, soda and fresh lime.


It’s great getting in that holiday mood and relaxing but seriously – you don’t need to drink the whole bar.


Especially if your goal is to enjoy yourself while also fighting the flab!


3. Eat breakfast, lunch & dinner and go easy on the snacks.


Giving yourself the ‘green light’ to eat/drink everything in sight on holiday always leads to bloated, tiredness and feeling like sh*t.


Keeping some sort of routine with meal times and putting a ‘cap’ on your snacks will make it easier to keep yourself and calories in control.


4. Aim for lower cal snacks or protein shake/bar from home.


If you’re away, having your own snacks (where possible), is really helpful.


If you can’t bring your own, hit up a supermarket to grab some lower cal crisps, chococlate, etc and some protein based snacks such as pre-cooked meat, babybells or yoghurts to keep you fuller for longer.


You don’t need to ‘diet’ or be restrictive, just mindful.


5. Keep active.


Swimming, playing tig & tag building sandcastles and messing around with your kids burns alot of calories, not to mention fun.


Don’t just sit and watch them – get involved.


6. Get your steps in.


Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise, not only to burn calories but also for boosting your mental health.


It’s also awesome when away to have a nosey around and see new things.


7. Load up on protein at every meal.


Helps curb cravings, keeps you full and feeds your muscles.


More muscle = increased metabolism = more calories burned.


Bonus tip: put protein on your plate first, veg/salad then carbs.


8. When eating out, stayed away from anything creamy, battered, buttery, smothered, thick, glazed or deep fried.


Grilled, poached, steamed, baked, light, fresh, roasted are always tend to be lower calorie options.


Skip the bread basket, ask for sauces on the side and go for salad or boiled/baked potato instead of chips.


BOOM – instant and significant calorie saver.


9. For all the dessert lovers.


Sharing is caring and another instant calorie saver involving zero effort.


10. Drink a sh*t load of water.


Helps curb cravings, burns fat faster, gives you more energy to help you keep active plus so much more – aim for a minimum of 2litres daily.


At home or away, this should always be a non-negotiable.


I’m personally not a fan of plain water but no added sugar Vimto makes it go down 100 times easier.


11. Avoid/limit hot chocolates, lattes, slush puppies, etc.


I’d rather EAT my calories….or save them for alcohol, lol.


If you’re the same then skipping/limiting these will help massively with damage limitation.


12. Get yourself booked in : )



Ok so this is a bonus one but if you’re a woman in Aberdeen and need a little help with the keeping active, support and motivation part.


Booking for my award winning fitness classes opened last week.


If you like the sounds of burning fat and getting fit while having FUN.


No gym or membership required.


Check them out here


The key to looking and feeling your best on holiday or even at home isn’t complicated, it just takes a little bit of mindfulness and effort.


So if you’re fed up of going on holiday and coming home feeling bloated, tired and even more self conscious than before you left.


Try giving these tips a go and help yourself keep on track.


If you found them helpful, please pass them onto any friends/family who may enjoy them too.


Lee ‘flab fighter’ Donald x



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