If someone asked you to strut your stuff in your beachwear right now.


How would you feel?


Yuuup that’s us…


Past Easter, kids back to school and over 4 months into the year.


Warmer weather settling in and Summer months on the way.


Now is usually the time people start to ‘think’ about their holidays and how they may look/feel in their Summer wardrobe but don’t do much about.


June arrives, you start exercising a little more, perhaps trying to eat a little better but you’re not very serious about it.


There’s plenty of time right? – Wrong.


Before you know it, July’s landed.


Your holiday’s 2 weeks away, reality hits, you’re nowhere NEAR looking/feeling how you wanted aaaaand you don’t feel comfortable in any of your clothes.



Cue crazy dieting and panic.


Be honest.


Who’s been there?

Me too, feels pretty sh*tty doesn’t it?


So imagine if you didn’t have to stress or panic.


Imagine if you were already happy in your clothes and looking in the mirror.


If you had the body you wanted and confidence to match.


The Good News


All that is totally achievable and realistic but only if you start making small changes and doing something about it TODAY!


Because the sooner you start making changes, the sooner you’ll feel happier.


Start small and…



Here’s 5 quick steps that aren’t overly challenging but will make a MASSIVE difference to how you look and feel.


1️⃣ Aim for 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks.


Alternatively, use my Calorie Calculator and track your calories via MyFitnessPal.


Tracking your calories isn’t essential and you can use common sense in regards to meal/snack frequency and portion size.


However, if you want to remove any guesswork and get faster results, I’d highly suggest tracking for a week or 2.


2️⃣ Get some water or juice down you (aim for at least 2 litres)


No added sugar Vimto is a game changer to help with this.


3️⃣ Get protein in at each of your 3 meals


Help keep you fuller and less likely to mindlessly munch.


4️⃣ Get your butt moving


Aim for a minimum of 7k daily.


Perhaps set up a challenge with your family, friends or colleagues for extra motivation.


5️⃣ Get signed up to The MAX Experience




Because the main reason you’ll fail and give up on your weightloss/fitness goals is lack of knowledge and not enough support.


If you look & feel exactly the same as you did last Summer….and the one before….and the one before – I’m here to help you.


Let’s BREAK that cycle!!


Jumping onboard means you’ll learn how to lose weight and keep it off without having to diet or give up your fave foods.


You’ll learn how to spend less time getting better results without having to join a gym.


Meaning you’ll not only get amazing results and feel happier in yourself this Summer, it’ll set you up for life!


Check it out


For only 65p a day Lee?!!


Yup, no contract, no fuss – cancel anytime.


Because I believe having the support to live a healthier, happier life should be accessible for EVERYONE.


And with pennies tight right now, I know how important it is to invest in yourself but also keep costs low.


If you have any questions, just get in touch.


Lee ‘doesn’t do gyms or diets’ Donald x



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