I hope you had a great weekend and had fun in the sun.


Did you enjoy the FREE banging, lucky dip workout video I shared last Monday?


If you missed it, get your hands on it here


Today, I wanted to share more fab FREEBIES with you in the shape of 3 super tasty, high protein recipes.


All with their calories and macros (protein, carbs, fat) pre-calculated alongside a barcode to scan into MyFitnessPal to make life easy for you and most importantly, so you know exactly what you’re eating.


Highly important if your goal is weightoss.


These are small taster (scuse the pun) of what you can find inside The MAX Experience


Brand NEW recipes are shared inside The MAX Experience every single week.


Infact, from breakfast, lunch, dinner to snacks, you can now gain access to over 500 tasty, family friendly recipes.


Perfect if you need ideas or help with your nutrition to hit your weightloss goals.


If there’s anything you’re not a fan of, simply remove it or swap it out for something else.


Check ’em out : )



Chocolate Orange Porridge




Satay Chicken Skewers




Chinese Prawns



Give them a go and let me know what you think.


And hey, if you enjoy these and like the sound of having fresh and exciting new recipes at your finger tips every week – you’ll love The MAX Experience.


Grab a FREE 7 Day Trial or sign up for only £5 pw


No gym, no diet, no contract – cancel anytime.


Lee ‘loves giving away freebies’ Donald x



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