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I’ve been blogging more than usual recently but I also know life get’s busy, people forget and I just didn’t want to you to miss out.




Today I wanted to do something most business owners wouldn’t dare and give you 3 reasons why you SHOULDN NOTΒ Β pre-register to The MAX Experience.


Because after 10 years of helping women becoming healthier, happier versions of themselves it’s taught me a few things.


That some people will never achieve their goals no matter HOW good any service, product or program is.


So here’s why The MAX Experience may not be for you.




If you’re not willing to change your ways.


I totally understand the weightloss industry is saturated with mis-information and for lack of a better word, absolute bullsh!t.


But it’s essential you let go of all the myths you may believe and be open to being educated based on scientifically backed information.




You don’t want to be part of a Team or get involved.


The MAX Experience has an amazing and super friendly community of women.


We have a private Facebook group packed full of opportunities to give yourself extra motivation & accountability.


To take part in fun challenges to help you make progress.


As well as have a laugh, share your wins, struggles and simply get to know other members better through the process building a stronger, more successful Team.


If you don’t want to be part of that – it’s not for you.




If you think signing up will automatically make you lose weight and get fitter.


Having the knowledge to achieve your goals is the first and most important step.


Taking ACTION and implementing that knowledge is the next step because if nothing changes….nothing changes.


Pre-registration closes tomorrow @ 7pm (until next December) and it’s looking like places will sell out for the 4th year running!!



If you’re not already a member.


If you’re not one of the fabulous women who’ve jumped onboard, saved 50% off and excited to start in January.


But if you are a women who’s fed up of yo-yo dieting.


Fed up of saying the same thing ever year about looking/feeling better.


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


Are ready to put in the effort to make change happen.


And would just like someone to be there for you, to guide you step by step, keep things simple and make the process of achieving your goals enjoyable.


Tap Here Quick!!


Lee ‘preparing to close the doors’ Donald x



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