Sunshine, sand, sea, visiting family and eating the most amazing food.


It’s been an INCREDIBLE last couple of weeks.


Being one of the lucky few who LOVES their job, despite the jet lag — it’s GREAT to be back.


Hands up I may be a little ‘FLUFFIER’ round the edges in particular my abs, lol but let’s be honest.


Who DOESN’T come back from holiday feeling the extra ‘fluff’?


Having said that…


I did work out with my weights almost EVERY day.


Did a Facebook LIVE 20 min banging beach bod workout on Facebook.


If you missed it, check it out here:


Have a 15 month old = constantly moving from 6am onwards!


Swung from monkey bars and played in parks at any opportunity.


And hit up and AWESOME inflatable obstacle course — sooo much fun.


Here’s a little clip of my wife and I which has me in stitches every time, lol.


Check it out:



So WHY are you fluffier then Lee?


Because you CAN’T out train a bad diet — simples.


This is exactly why most people struggle to lose weight!!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know I’m all about the 80/20 rule.


Exercise regularly and eat well the MAJORITY of the time (80%).


But allow yourself some FLEXIBILITY (20%) because it keeps us sane and let’s face it, we all love a bit of naughtiness now and again.


I had the exercise down and even the 80/20 rule so the answer really comes down to 2 words.




Despite being super healthy and nutritious, at one dinner we had 6 courses.


Yup you read right …6 courses — GUILTEEE.


Mussels, clams, scallops, fish tacos and a whole lobster all followed up with a cheeky bit of cheesecake.
(ok so the cheesecake wasn’t healthy but I only had a thin slice).


And I’ll be the 1st to admit, I’m a sucker for cinnamon especially in the roll type form, lol.


Cue that 20%.


At one sitting I almost ate an entire pack of mini cinnamon rolls aaand a butter tart.


But you know what?


Pffft — not even sorry.


I may have temporarily LOST my abs but I GAINED some amazing experiences and memories I’ll keep for life.


Plus, the fact that I worked out each day and kept active allowed me to eat more with LESS of a ‘side effect’ (aka weight gain).


It also enabled me to keep my health and fitness on track.


With only 7 weeks before my next event (The Beast of Banchory) it’s GAME ON.


So how can MY holiday adventures help YOU?


Here’s 10 top tips / facts:


1. Alcohol VISIBLY leaves me bloated the next day and ab definition decreases significantly — not good for beach days!!


2. Holiday workouts rock but should be done immediately upon rising to avoid the onset of CBA (can’t be ar*ed).


3. Portion distortion = weight GAIN (even with healthy food).


4. Portion distortion with unhealthy food = ACCELERATED weight gain.


5. Calories in Vs Calories out is ALWAYS king.


6. Jet lag and tiredness HIGHLY increases the risk of over cinnamon roll consumption.


7. Working out is 10x HARDER if you’ve been drinking the night before (even just 2 drinks!)


8. PT’s are RUBBISH at drinking alcohol (perhaps, that’s just me).


9. The 80/20 clearly WORKS (based on normal portion size).


10. Life is too short for regrets — live in the moment.


Lee ‘sorry not sorry’ Donald x


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