Sunshine, sand, sea, QT with the fam, involuntarily running with wild horses oh aaand holding a live snake (as you do), lol.


It’s been an AWESOME couple of weeks out the office.


But being someone who loves their job, it’s actually GREAT to be back.


If you saw my social media post last week, you’ll know I promised to share my ‘secrets’ today.


– How to enjoy your holidays without sacrificing your waistline.


They’re super simple and something EVERYBODY reading this can do.


So here’s how I managed to fight the flab after a 7 day all inclusive / 2 days in Edinburgh and how easy it can be for YOU too.


P.s the lighting is totally in pics below but I can confirm they are true and no I haven’t lost my tan already! lol.



1. Avoided alcohol during the DAY.


2. Drank vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime every night to be honest but didn’t go mad.


Plus the couple cheeky cocktails on the last night!


3. Ate breakfast, lunch and dinner and tried to stay away from the poolside SNACKS.


4. If I did fancy something between meals it was either one of the ‘fruit pots’ on offer, a super small tub of ice cream or a protein bar I packed from home.


5. There was no hotel gym so went for an early morning run 4 out of 7 days (around 5km each time) – cue those wild horses! lol.


6. ACTIVELY played at the pool & beach.


Swimming, building sandcastles and messing around with your 2 years old burns alot of calories, not to mention fun.


7. Walked around 2km each day pushing the Mini Boss in her stroller so she could nap.


8. Went out and about after dinner – walking to the park and to the beach to see the beautiful sunset.


9. Loaded up on PROTEIN at every meal to help curb cravings, keep me full and feed my muscles.


(more muscle = more calories burned).


Protein on my plate first, veg/salad then carbs.


10. Opted for FRESH salads adding balsamic vinegar instead of the creamy pre-made ones.


11. Avoided anything DEEP FRIED

(including chips although did steal a couple off the wife’s plate).


12. Enjoyed sampling the desserts but didn’t go crazy.


13. Drank a sh*t load of WATER.


14. Avoided the unlimited hot chocolates, slush puppies and fizzy juice available all day every day but did hit up the expresso’s and Americano’s (skim milk, sweetener)

I’d rather EAT my calories!


The key to looking and feeling your best on holiday or even at home isn’t complicated – it just takes a little bit of mindfulness and effort.


So if you’re fed up of going on holiday and coming home feeling BLOATED, tired and even more self conscious than before you left.


Try giving these tips a go and put in some damage limitation.


Lee ‘ready to help you take on August’ Donald x



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