Happy Halloween Eve!!


Want to know something SCARY?


Halloween is less than 24 hours away.


Christmas is coming 8 weeks today.


Then BOOOM 2024 lands 9 weeks today!!


Brace yourself for a busy time ahead.


While the festive season should really be enjoyable, for many it’s highly stressful and can feel overwhelming.


And when you feel stressed or overwhelmed:


✅ You don’t eat as well.


✅ You fall into bad habits.


✅ You don’t workout as much.


✅ You wear jumpers to cover up.


✅ You pick up colds much easier.


✅ You don’t sleep as well.


✅ The darker mornings/nights get you down, etc.


This is EXACTLY the time of year its important to be taking care of yourself the most!!


Otherwise all those sweets, chocolates and Prosecco’s can not only sacrifice your waistline, confidence and clothes but also your health and mental health.


So here’s my 7 top tips to help you survive Halloween, whilst looking and feeling your best.


1️⃣ Put ‘Treats’ in a Tupperware Box


If the kids have a ‘stock’ or you have leftovers – keep it in a cupboard you don’t usually use or anywhere not visible.


Out of sight, out of mind!


2️⃣ Have a Mini Workout


Even if it’s only 2 mins.


It’ll not only burn some cheeky extra calories and get you out the kitchen making you less likely to munch.


More importantly, it will also give enough time for your cravings to pass.


They only last approx 2mins!


Skipping or burpees anyone?


3️⃣ Think Forward


If you feel an uncontrollable binge of sweeties coming and you’ve already done No.2, think how you’ll feel after you eat it.


From the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick, how your belly will look, etc.


Just thinking about this may just be enough to stop you.


What you eat in private, you wear in public.



4️⃣ Brush Your Teeth


This sounds simple and perhaps a little crazy but you’ll be AMAZED how well it works.


5️⃣ Go Shopping & Stock up on Healthy Foods


If you’ve got healthy food in the cupboard you’ll eat healthy food and vice versa.


EAT crap = FEEL like crap.


6️⃣ Come Along To My Fitness Classes


OK so this is a cheeky little extra one I put in.


But seriously.


If you’re a woman who wants to get fit, burn fat and have fun doing it, you’ll love my fitness classes.


No gym, no membership and suitable for all levels.


Booking opens tonight @ 7.30pm (limited availability)


Tap here for more info.



7️⃣ Forgive Yourself


EVERYBODY loves a bit of ‘naughtiness’ now and again.


If you lose control, have the moment then let it GO.


Nobody ever got fat from one day of over indulging, just like nobody ever got lean from a day of eating healthy.


Plus, starting a downward spiral of self-loathing over a bumper size bag of Maltesers and something you can’t change is pointless.


Pick yourself up, dust those shoulders and get back on track as soon as you can.


You are what you do most of the time, not some of the time.


But do your best to put these tips mentioned into action and they’ll definitely help you put in as much damage limitation as possible.


Lee ‘a sucker for gummy sweeties’ Donald x



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