As promised on Monday, I have a little gift for you.


To help with Step 1 of the super simple ‘3 Step Plan’.


A plan to keep your waistline, energy, confidence & mental health in check this festive season.


If you missed it, check it out


Alrighty, let’s get to those gifts.


🎁 GIFT No.1


From me to you – Burning Basics


Guaranteed to put in some damage limitation from those Proseccos, make you feel pretty awesome aaand save you time.



No equipment


I’ve never shared this before as it’s part of The MAX Experience but it’s a fab ‘Winter warmer’ and thought you’d enjoy it.



Do the exercises at your own pace.

The aim is to gradually build up.


Show me my gift Lee!


🎁 GIFT No.2


From me to you – Cottage Mousse


Have it as a snack or pudding.


Super tasty, low calorie, high protein and easy peasy to make.



Yuuup we have LOADS of tasty recipes inside The MAX Experience too!




If you give either of them a try, I’d love to hear what you think.


And hey,


If you’re a woman who’d like to kickstart 2021 armed with knowledge on how to lose lose weight and keep it off.


How to spend less time getting better results so you have more time for other things.


To have more energy, confidence and less stress without having to join a gym or go on a diet.


You’ll LOVE my super dooper, exciting, MAX Experience opportunity coming your way.


Just stay tuned to Monday’s blog : )


Lee ‘loves giving gifts’ Donald x



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