I usually always write a blog on a Monday however, am currently a day late.


I was out the office on my first ever family camping trip!


With a 5 year old and 2 year old, it wasn’t quite a ‘holiday’, lol but definitely an amazing adventure we all loved.


Also discovered how amazing protein bars are toasted on a camp fire, mmm – who knew?!


Anyway, I’m back in the office ready to help you kick off ‘Awesome August’ on a positive, sweaty, feel good note and thought you may enjoy 2 FREE workout videos.


🎯 Specifically designed to help you burn fat, sculpt your body, get fitter and spend less time getting better results.


You can do them from home and suitable for all levels with options throughout.


✅ Perfect if you’re a Mum trying to survive the holidays who doesn’t have have much time for yourself.


✅ If you’re busy with work and also struggle with time.


✅ Or if you just need some extra support and motivation to get your butt moving.


These were actually live workouts I did inside The MAX Experience the last couple of weeks (I do a live workout every Wednesday).


So I’ve edited the pre/post workout chat and just left you with the ‘juicy bits’.


Get your kids or partner involved, press play and follow me : )




** If you don’t have any dumbells, use a water bottle or anything else suitable.






I hope you enjoy them – let me know how you get on.


And hey,


If you’re a fan of these quick & effective home workouts, you can find LOADS more here.


Along with everything you need to help you shift some pounds, get fitter and feel happier in yourself this Summer….without having to diet or join a gym!


Lee ‘loves the camping life’ Donald x



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