Insanely good food (thank you Haigs), fantastic company plus lots of fun and games.


WHAT a party!!


On Saturday we had our annual Summer BodyMax Network BBQ and meee of myyyy it was AWESOME.


(you can see more pics on my social media)


From kicking their butts in classes, helping them hit their goals and be the BEST they can possibly be.


To kicking back with a voddy, sharies stories and enjoying getting to know them better.


I LOOOOVE spending time with my fitness family.


The BodyMax Network is soooo much more than just fitness classes.


I have a passion for EMPOWERING women to feel stronger, fitter, sexier, healthier and happier in themselves.


And I believe social fitness plays a big part in that.


Feeling CONFIDENT walking into a fitness class, knowing there’s no judgement and infact…


Having incredible support from lots of like minded women, makes getting in shape and hitting your goals 10x more enjoyable.


When you enjoy something, you stick at it and THAT is what will get you results!




I have an AMAZING offer for you which you’d be CRAZY not to grab.


But first, here’s a little more info on what The BodyMax Network is all about:



Here’s that AMAZING offer.


Got a Spree Book?


Come along and what all the hype’s about for free.





No Spree Book? – No problem.


EVERYBODY of all ages (over 16 yrs), shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome.


There’s options given throughout all classes so don’t worry if you don’t feel ‘fit enough’.


That’s the whole point, to help you BUILD on your fitness.


Just get in touch and we can get you booked in.


There’s also a Spree voucher giving you a WHOPPING £15 off a fully personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


I’ll touch on this in another blog but if you’d like more info.


Click below:


With the kids going back to school soon and holiday time almost over.


If you’ve been neglecting yourself, fallen out of a routine or OFF that wagon.


Let’s make YOU and your happiness a priority! : )


Lee ‘producing stronger, happier women since 2011’ Donald x



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