Have YOU ever hesitated before hitting that send button?

Have YOU ever felt anxious about telling someone about your past?


This is EXACTLY what happened to me last week (yes indeed I’m human) and I just wanted to share this with you.

When given the opportunity to write a blog for WIFE (Women In Fitness Empowerment), it instantly made me think of ‘my story’.

Not many people have heard me talk about ‘my story’ as it’s not something I shout about BUT it’s definitely something I know ALOT of people and probably YOU too can relate to.

If you’re on my social media, you may have seen this but I know many of you are not so here goes…

It’s not all pretty and it’s never easy sharing this kind of stuff with the world but it’s HONEST, it’s PERSONAL and if it helps others find a way forward – that’s what it’s all about!


Click Here:



I’d LOVE to hear what you think about this.


Have YOU had to overcome any obstacles?

What’s made YOU the person you are today?

What’s YOUR story? (this will just be between you and me).


Email me, Facebook me, Tweet me and let me know.


Lee ‘putting it out there’ Donald x



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