Here we are…


The LAST week of my free ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge and final ‘check in’.


I hope you’re keeping safe and warm.


The focus this week was on Goal 4.


*** Hitting around 10,000 steps daily ***


Now I know it’s not been a ‘normal’ week for many given the ‘Beast of the East’ storm that’s hit but…


There’s STILL lots of ways to keep active and get your steps up even when the weather is pants.


(shovelling, snowball fight or sledging anyone?).


If you joined me LIVE on Facebook yesterday for our awesome 20min Banging ‘Beast of the East’ workout – you’ll know exactly what I mean.


If you missed it, you really missed out but don’t worry you can access it here:


Banging Beast of the East Workout:

Unfortunately many people won’t even hit HALF the recommended 10,000 steps.


But if you want to lose those wobbly bits, feel comfortable with your reflection or have any health & fitness goals you’d like to achieve.


It’s pretty simple and no other way around it.


You NEED to get your butt moving (whatever the weather).


To help you hit your target, I even gave you a free, calorie crushing, belly blasting workout.


How’s that going?


Managing to do it 3x a week?


(or did you forget about it?)



Either way, if you missed my ‘Feel Good Feb’ Challenge, here’s some good news.


There’s a brand, spanking new month right here on our doorstep which means


Another chance and MORE opportunities to lose weight, get in shape and feel your best.


Yes, EVEN when it’s Wintery outside!!


If you let the weather determine your success especially if you live in the UK.


For lack of better words – You’re SCREWED!


But don’t worry I’ll be here fighting your corner, giving you lots of tips, videos and keeping you motivated.


Plus I have something EXTRA special coming up in April.


Stay tuned : )


Lee ‘always has something exciting in the pipeline’ Donald x



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