How’s your 1st week of December going?


I suspect it’s a super busy time for EVERYONE right now.


From Christmas shopping, juggling work, home life, figuring our where that friggin Elf on the self is going next (if you know – you know, lol) aaand organising Christmas.


Try adding exercise, boosting your mental health, motivation and making progress with your goals in there too.


Sounds impossible right?


But, that’s exactly what’s happening inside The MAX Experience right now.






‘How’s that possible Lee?’


Because the main reasons people FAIL to achieve their weightloss or fitness goals is:


1. Time

2. Motivation

3. Lack of support

(setting unrealistic goals, poor knowledge, no accountability, no coaching, etc)


However, The MAX Experience will teach you:


How to keep things simple.

The basics ALWAYS work!


How to save precious time.

By focusing on the BASICS!


How to get motivated.

By having ACCOUNTABLITY to take action on those basics.


When things are simple, don’t take long and you have accountability, it’s much easier to get them done.


The MAX Experience offers LOADS of coaching and support, not just from myself but also a fabulous community of women so you never need to struggle alone.


If you haven’t jumped onboard yet.


If you’d like to kick off 2022 knowing you’ll have ALL the help you need to look good & feel amazing this coming year.


I’ve got you covered but places are filling up fast.


Pre-Register now, save 50% off and get started in January.


Sign me up Lee!


Doors close in 2 days!!


You have till Wednesday to grab a place before prices go up and pre-registration disappears till next December!


If you’d like to join me and the rest of the Team in January to take on 2022 together.


Grab the opportunity before somebody else does : )


Lee ‘making the impossible possible Donald x



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