4.5 weeks!!


Clients, classes, creating programmes, setting up emails, holiday clothes shopping, packing, filming, editing, accounts, marketing, BodyMax birthday, Tough Mudder training, Tough Mudder Ireland, bla bla blaaaaa…


Jeeeezo there’s ALOT to do before I go on holiday.


Life can get pretty CRAZY sometimes.


How do YOU deal with it?


It’ soooo easy to grab whatever’s ‘on the go’, eat poorly, sleep less, become a stresshead, skip workouts and feel completely overwhelmed so by the time you actually go on holiday…


You’re abit of a wreck.


Sound Familiar?


The best way (I’ve found) to deal with this is to make daily LISTS!!


I love a good list but the GREAT thing about a list is that you don’t have to think – you just need to get it done!


And how GOOD does it feel when you get to the end of that ‘to do’ list?!


Stressing about stuff not only unnecessarily cranks up your FAT storage hormone cortisol but it actually doesn’t change ANYTHING.


Apart from steal your HAPPINESS and keep you very busy doing sweet FA.




Here’s 10 Top Tips To Beat That Pre-holiday Stress:


1. Make time for a 10 min workout – you’ll feel AWESOME after and your beachbody will thank you for it.


If you missed my 10min belly blasting workout:


Grab it here:


2. CLEAR your head with a walk at lunchtime – even if it’s just 5 mins.


3. Delegate parts of your to-do list to others if possible.


4. Focus on what you’ve DONE – not still to do.


5. PLAN quick, simple meals along with handy, healthy snacks and stock up your fridge / cupboards.


Eat crap = feel like crap.


6. Drink plenty of water (aim for at LEAST 2 litres per day).


7. No matter what set yourself a sensible bedtime and STICK to it.


8. If you feel that stress building – Hug it out.


It’s amazing how POWERFUL human touch can be.


9. Prioritize and make sure the most important things get done FIRST – don’t sweat the small stuff.


10. BREAATHE : )







Lee ‘doing my best, forgetting the rest and stressing less’ Donald x



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