Just a little heads up.


At 10pm tonight,


My ‘Birthday Special’ offer for The MAX Experience with a ridiculously amazing 50% off will expire.


Birthday Special Offer:


Join our fabulous Team of women before then and gain ALL the workouts, support, motivation and accountability you possibly need to get your Summer beach bod ready.


Without stepping foot in a gym!


But most importantly get ready to bring your confidence, energy and control back.


Now I can tell you how life changing The MAX Experience can be but don’t just take my word for it.


Here’s what MAX Member Fiona said:


‘Thanks to the Max experience I’m on the road to regaining my physical strength and more importantly my self confidence following surgery and treatment for breast cancer. Not only Lee but the whole team are super supportive. Thank you all’.


Umm-baa-lievable Fiona, this is amazing!


If you’re still thinking about it.


Here’s what MAX Member Kirsten said:


‘I may not be there yet, but I’ve started and that can be the hardest thing!


I’m doing better than those still sitting on the couch 😁


I very much appreciate the support of Lee and the lovely ladies in the Max Experience group’.


And finally, if you’re STILL not sure.


Here’s what MAX Member Sally said:


‘The best thing about the Max Experience is the community of women.


New habits have led to achievable goals and more importantly an increase in my body confidence and positive mental health.


I am feeling strong, healthy and full of life and it’s the max experience that has got me on this positive journey’.


In the words of MAX Member Sarah:


‘For £19.99 a month it’s a no brainer’.


And you get to test drive it all for HALF that.


Pffft – that….is….bananas.​​​​​​​


They say you’re always ONE choice away from leading a different life.


Today, the choice is yours : )


I ready for change Lee!



Lee ‘last time I’m going to offer’ Donald x



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