Tomorrow evening @ 10pm, my ridiculously amazing ‘Birthday Special’ offer for The MAX Experience will no longer be available.


‘Birthday Special’ Offer:

If you haven’t grabbed the opportunity and not quite not sure whether The MAX Experience is for you.


Here’s 7 reasons why it’ll most definitely be worth it.


1. Short Effective Workouts


There’s a fantastic variety of workouts (almost 90 and counting).


And each one is only 10 mins (YES 10mins).


Perfect for busy women who to spend LESS time getting better results.


For best results and as you get fitter, ideally you’ll do 2 or 3 (20-30mins) but you’ll NEVER need to workout longer than 30mins ever again.


Meaning MORE time to spend with your kids, friends or doing other stuff.


2. No Gym Required


Goodbye smelly, congested, intimidating gym you need to drive to.


Hellooo comfort and convenience of your own home.


3. Incredible Support


You’ll not only get full access to our private MAX Member Facebook group and join a friendly community of like-minded women.


You’ll also have UNLIMITED support from your very own Personal Trainer (me) 24/7 at your fingertips and at a fraction of the cost of a PT session.


4. Accountability


Without a doubt the most important key of SUCCESS.


Expect WEEKLY check ins and MONTHLY team reviews to help keep you motivated, accountable and moving in the right direction.


5. One of The BEST Priced Members Areas Out There


Gain full access to all workouts, warm up/stretching, ‘How To’ videos, our private FB group and personal support for only £19.99 a month (65p a day).


Grab my ‘Birthday Special’ offer and you can steal your 1st month for only £9.99 (33p a day).


No contract, no fuss – cancel any time.


There really is ZERO risk and I guarantee, you won’t find this kind of Members Area anywhere else.


6. Optional Fully Personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan


This is not your standard ‘cookie cutter’ plan.


All plans are fully customized and based on the foods you ENJOY.


Plans are flexible, NOTHING is off the menu, everything is calculated for you, the recipes are super simple, tasty and family friendly and most importantly…


Won’t leave you feeling hungry!


This is part of The MAX Experience PLUS which is a different membership level / cost to my ‘Birthday Special’ however…


It means you’ll NEVER need to feel like you’re on a diet….ever….again and worth every penny.


The MAX Experience PLUS


7. Life Changing Results


Here’s what some of my MAX Members have been saying recently:


‘Since starting, lost a total of 13 inches off wobbly bits all over’ – Lynne


‘I am MUCH more positive and actually enjoy working out now that my fitness level has increased. Also down half a stone with inches lost all over!’ – Emma


‘I’ve lost a total of 16.5 inches of wobby bits; I feel fitter; stronger; and happier. I also feel happy in my clothes and fit back into a pair of jeans that were too tight previously’ – Nicola


‘I’m wearing clothes out of my wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day in a long while. I also don’t get out of breath as much as I used to walking the dog uphill’ – Sandra Dee


If you’d like to experience amazing results like these lovely women aaaand grab a bargain at the same time.


Be quick and make sure you sign up before tomorrow at 10pm or until SOLD OUT.


Sign me up Lee:


Lee ‘helping people change their lives’ Donald x



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