6 weeks completed and a total of 16.5 inches gone!


Hips 3.75 inches

Waist 3.25 inches

Bust 2 inches

Arms 1.25 inches each

Thighs 2.5 inches each


These are some of the AMAZING results Katy’s got with her 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


Here’s what Katy had to say:


‘My weight has really fluctuated over the last 6 weeks.

I’m currently just 1.5kg lighter than I was when I started.


So so glad I took the photos and measurements as otherwise I’d probably be quite disheartened!


I’m really pleased though and I didn’t quite manage to follow it to the letter as I had a hen weekend, two Christmas nights out, my graduation which included cocktails and a meal, and two other meals out so looking forward to starting week 1 again after Christmas!


I just feel so much better and less moody which I’m pretty sure everyone around me is pleased about too!​


Going to keep on using MFP and try to stay within my cals and protein over the next couple of weeks.


Thank you so much Lee!’


Absolutely FANTASTIC Katy, GREAT progress and looking FAB!


And the BEST thing about it?


Katy’s been eating the foods she enjoys, no crazy diet, no starving just a REAL person eating REAL food getting REAL results….Even at Christmas time.


I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I hope you ENJOYED it (think I ate for Scotland!) but it’s now time to focus and get EXCITED about the New Year ahead.


Yup, it’s time to click those fingers, WAKE UP from that festive slumber and get SERIOUS about feeling healthier and HAPPIER!


*If you feel BLOATED after the Christmas festivities.


*If you’re fed up of feeling TIRED.


*If you’re fed up of not feeling HAPPY with how you look.


*If you’re sick of the SAME OLD routine getting you the SAME OLD results.


*If you want to kick start 2016 with a KICK ASS plan of action.


Then NOW is the perfect time to grab yourself your very OWN personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan and DO something about it!!


You can get yours here:


Once you purchase your plan, you can expect it within 72hours…


BOOOM just in time to start the New Year.


What would YOU look like if you lost 16.5 inches?

More importantly, how would you FEEL?


Yes I’m still meant to be ‘out the office’ but this is officially your LAST Monday email of 2015 and I couldn’t help myself.


I want YOU to succeed, I want YOU to get everything you deserve and work for and with only 4 days to go before the beginning of 2016 there’s only one thing I want YOU to think about today…




1. What do YOU want to achieve in 2016?


2. Where do you want to be and how do you want to FEEL this time next year?


3. How are you going to get there and MAKE it happen?


If you need a little help, here’s that link again:


If you have any questions about it, please just ask : )


And in case you missed it,


Here’s a 1 min video with one of the SIMPLEST yet most EFFECTIVE tips for hitting your 2016 goals:

Oh and standby…


Here’s something that’s going to be THEE game changer for the New Year.




Lee ‘ready to take 2016 by storm’ Donald x



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