I can’t seem to stay ‘out the office’ can I?! lol


You know what, it’s GENUINELY because I want to help and support you feel the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST you can possibly be.


Yup I get points for the cheesyness but…


WHY else would I be spending my Hogmany writing you?


It may sound like a ‘broken record’ but if you’ve not made any goals for the New Year NOW is the time.


And I mean GOALS!


Not what 90% of the population make the mistake doing.


Half assed New Year RESOLUTIONS made because you feel you SHOULD, usually after a few drinks, completely UNREALISTIC and typically last a whole 2 days into 2016.​


*From where you want to be at the END of 2016.


*What you want to achieve each MONTH.


*To simply how you want to START the 1st week back.


Whether you want to be a ROCKSTAR, become a CEO, create a better work/life balance, gain more CONFIDENCE or just shift that extra weight you’ve been carrying once and for ALL.


Making big goals to mini goals is a sure fire way of guaranteeing yourself SUCCESS.


EVERY single successful person didn’t magically get where they are by CHANCE.


They had a PLAN, they made goals and MADE it all happen!!


So what’s YOUR plan?






If you’re not sure what this is…


Check it out:

Lee ‘loves it when a plan comes together’ Donald x



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