I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the Coronation celebrations.


I’m gonna get straight to it today as I’ve got some EXCITING news.


You may or may not have noticed, I never promote or advertise my Personal Training services.


However, if you’re a woman who’d like to work with me 1-2-1 to:


🔥 Lose weight and keep it off so you can finally say goodbye to those yo yo diets.

🔥 Get stronger, fitter & healthier without having to join a gym.

🔥 Boost your confidence as well as improve your mindset & mental health.

🔥 Learn how to make small changes that = big results = perfect for Mum’s and busy women.

🔥 Master your 1st pull up/full press up.

🔥 Or simply just feel happier in yourself.


I’m excited to say:


I have some prime time Personal Training places on a Thursday evening now available.


I’m usually fully booked for Personal Training and these times haven’t been available for quite a number of years so a rare opportunity!!




✅ Training times are Thursday from 5pm – 7.15pm on a weekly basis.


✅ Friday’s @ 11.30am available soon!!
(client is leaving Aberdeen).


✅ All sessions take place in my private fitness cabin, Aberdeen.


Evening times always go quickly.


If you’re interested and would like more info, just get in touch or message me directly as soon as possible.


With Summer just around the corner, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to grab the opportunity.


And hey – forget what season, month or year it is.


Not being happy with how you look & feel at any time, affects EVERYTHING.


** You mood.

** Your relationship with other people.

** Your relationship with food.

** Your relationship with yourself.

** Your confidence going out, taking to people, trying new things.


Literally, your EVERY day life.


When you look good.
When you feel good.
When you have energy, confidence and self love.


The world is a completely different place.


The challenges you face become much easier to overcome.


Your relationships grow, you think more positive and simply live a healthier, happier life.


If you’re a woman who can relate to this who’s not happy with how you look & feel and would like some help.


Drop me a message.


If Personal Training isn’t something that you’re looking for, then perhaps my women only Fitness Classes or The MAX Experience may be of interest.


Either way,


If you’ve read this far into my blog.


I’d just like to say thank you!!


Here’s a super tasty, low cal, Chinese fake-away recipe to show my appreciation.



If you’re tracking your calories, just scan the barcode and it will enter all the ingredients in to MyFitnessPal for you.


Enjoy and if you give the recipe a try, I’d love to know what you think.


Lee ‘preparing for Summer’ Donald x



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