Christmas shopping, family time, wrapping, sending cards, crimbo tunes, it’s a super festive time right now.


And hey, we FINALLY got our tree last Saturday – woop woop.


5 days – we’re officially on the countdown.


Christmas is coming soon which means so is 2019!!


With temptation EVERYWHERE and even less available time for workouts I know it’s difficult to keep control of your waistline.


I’m just like you, I know it can be difficult and I have to work hard at keeping in shape too.


So here’s 2 EASY tricks to help you fight that festive flab and go strong into 2019.


They require ZERO willpower, are super simple and something anyone can do.


Infact these tips can help you consume a mahoosive HALF your usual festive calories.


Here’s goes:


Trick No.1


Switch up your glass for a tall, narrow one and you’ll drink LESS.


People drink an average 20% more if their beverage is in a short, wide glass as opposed to a tall narrow glass.


The reason?


We visually process the information that the tall, narrow glass appears bigger.

A 20% reduction of liquid calories adds up quickly.


Simple yet highly effective.


Trick No.2


Go smaller with your plates, bowls and spoons.


An ice cream study was carried out on adults.


Those given SMALLER bowls to serve themselves ice cream ate 31% less than those given bigger bowls.


That’s a lot fewer calories.


Then they added a bigger ice cream scoop to the experiment.


People given bigger bowls AND bigger scoops ended up serving themselves a whopping 57% more ice cream.


HUGE difference.


Imagine eating less than HALF your normal festive calories this season simply by changing the size of your bowls, cups and serving spoons.



As mentioned, this takes ZERO willpower and couldn’t be easier.


Just choose a salad plate instead of a regular plate when serving yourself.


Or opt for a teaspoon for pudding instead of a tablespoon – even better SHARE it.


You get my drift.


This may seem too simple to work but I promise it does and hey, don’t just take my word for it.


Give it a go : )

Lee ‘likes eating yogurt with the Mini Boss’s spoon’ Donald x



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