I hope you have a good weekend (as good as we can these days) and are ready to take on the week ahead.


January can be a super exciting month but also equally STRESSFUL.


With lots of unnecessary pressure to achieve your goals.


So called ‘Fitness Guru’s’, ‘Health Coaches’ and ‘Weightloss Experts’ shouting on social media about how to live your best life in 2021.


Accompanied by home schooling, working from home, all the Covid craziness and everything else life throws at you.


So today.


I just thought I’d share some things I’ve learned that have helped me turn my life around over the years.


To achieve my goals, make steady progress and eventually become physically and mentally the strongest, healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.


I’m not special, I’m not a super hero and everything I’ve done, you can do too.


Hope you find it helpful.


1. Forget fad diets, you’ll be in the same place next year with less money in your pocket


2. Be patient and consistent – it took longer than a week to get where you are now, it’s going to take longer than this to get where you want to be


3. Weightloss requires ONE thing – a calorie deficit


4. Never underestimate yourself, you can always achieve more than you think


5. Be kind to others


6. Water is life, get it down you


7. Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to steal your happiness


8. Celebrate your wins and successes no matter how small


9. 1 bad meal won’t make you fat


10. 1 healthy meal won’t make you thin


11. Exercise is awesome for both your mental and physical health – do it daily


12. Surround yourself with people who make you smile and feel good about yourself


13. It’s ok to have a ‘bad day’


14. If you fall off the wagon, skip the pitty party and get back on it asap


15. Split your goals into small, bitesize ones


16. If you change nothing – nothing will change, read that again


17. It’s ok to be a beginner, allow yourself to learn


18. Mindset is everything so always focus on the positives no matter how hard they may be to find


19. Write shit down, you’re 10x more like to get it done


20. Planning is always key


21. How we begin our day is incredibly important, so aim to start it with a positive thought


22. Excuses affect nobody else apart from you


23. Carbs are friends just like protein & fat and don’t need to be eliminated


24. Sleep is essential, have a regular night time routine to ensure you get enough


25. You won’t always feel motivated and that’s ok – just stick to the plan and do what you say you’re going to do #backyourchat (see point 19)


26. Happiness isn’t found in a fridge or bottom of a bottle – try find coping mechanisms that won’t sacrifice your health or goals like exercise/talking to friends


27. What we believe, we become so be careful how you talk to yourself


28. Stressing about things you can’t control is wasted energy and changes nothing


29. Challenge yourself daily, it’s the only way you’ll mentally, physically and emotionally grow


30. Failures are opportunities to learn, never give up or be too proud/shy to ask for help


31. Accountability is a powerful motivator, tell as many people as you can what you plan to do


32. There’s no such thing as good/bad food, it’s just food


33. Do more of what makes you happy


34. Life’s too short to only live for the w/e’s, if you’re not happy mon-fri change that


35. Moderation and common sense will always prevail


36. Make yourself a priority, nobody else will do this for you


37. Time is the most valuable thing you own, don’t waste it


38. Being thinner doesn’t instantly = happiness


39. If you have air in your lungs, it’s never too late


40. Being a mum is the biggest yet most rewarding challenge in the world


41. Knowledge is only power alongside action


42. You’re body, health, happiness & life are a direct result of the choices you make each day


43. Yolo – make it the best you can


44. Even the most successful people need a support network


45. Never let anyone tell you – you can’t!


As mentioned, I know it’s an extra challenging time for us all right now but regardless of what happens in the outside world.


Nothing can EVER stop you working on you.


Here’s to making some positive steep forward this week, one day at a time.

Lee ‘helping you build a better you’ Donald x



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