How’s your week going?

Struggling to know what to eat ?

What NOT to eat?


I’m going to put money on that fact YOU are consuming fake foods that are not only preventing your fatloss and other goals but destroying your health at the same time – without you even knowing!


Here’s why…


Healthy Vegetable Oil – Put in a laboratory, bombed with hydrogen atoms.


This process is called HYDROGENATION which results in a mutated oil that becomes solid at room temperature. 

This allows the food manufacturers to put this mutant fat into processed foods to prevent them from going rancid too quickly and keep them ‘fresh’.


Sounds like a great invention, right?



This chemical change makes the vegetable oil TOXIC to the human body. 

In a nutshell, hydrogenated or trans-fats change your cell membranes by making them harder and more brittle.


Your body then attacks these harder, brittle cells causing inflammation which increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and certain cancers. 

It’s like eating candle wax which accumulates and clog up arteries.


Mmmm candle wax anyone?


High intake of trans-fats is linked with:


A higher risk of breast cancer.

A higher incidence of precancerous growths in the colon. 

Increased LDL (bad cholesterol) and decreased HDL (good cholesterol).

Directly linked to premature aging and obesity! 


Disgusted yet?


There have been a number of calls for trans-fats to be banned in the UK.

Bans on trans-fats currently exist in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and certain US states, including New York and California.


However, a UK ban has not been met by Government support, which has preferred to allow food companies to reduce the trans-fat content of their foods on a voluntary basis.

Trans fats kill 7000 people a year yet STILL are not banned!!


So why are these bad fats still being widely used in millions of restaurants and supermarkets today? 

And why isn’t our government doing more to protect us?


Because certain high-priced food lobbyists are paid BIG bucks to protect the financial interests of their clients, the giant food manufacturers. 


But we can fight back!

Don’t buy foods with these man-made chemicals like trans-fats/hydrogenated oils in them.


What to look for:

If a food says ‘hydrogenated’ or even ‘partially hydrogenated’ on the label – put that badboy back! 


Even if the label says ‘No Trans Fats’ – LOOK CLOSER…

’No Trans Fats’ just means that each serving of the food has less than .5 grams of trans-fats.


Just like all the added sugar we now have in today’s diet…’s scary to think how many people are guzzling on trans fats without even thinking or even knowing:


Nearly every snack bar,




Vegetable oils,




Ice cream,


Ready-made meals,

Frozen fish,


Stuffing mixes,

The entire special K range,

Vegetarian sausages,



Burger King,



Have trans fats in them….the list goes on!


How many trans fats are YOU consuming?!

And did you see my Tip of The Day yesterday?


How to look younger,

Shrink your waistline,

And speed up your fatloss


By doing ONE simple thing!


Check it out:

Stay tuned to Monday’s blog for 15 foods that KILL belly fat!


Lee ‘keepin it real’ Donald x

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