Hands up if you fell off the wagon at the w/e?


Yuup me too (hey, I’m human).


It wasn’t a ‘heavy duty’ fall as there was still LOTS of activity thrown in there but chomping down on…


2 cinnamon rolls, 2 curly wurlys, maoam bar, blueberry muffin, chips n cheese n gravy (along with my 3 meals) in one day is NOT my usual eating habits.


Oh and a buffet on Saturday night accompanied by a generous amount of Vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime – GUILTEEE!


I was partying with Bruno Mars – infact about 16 of them!!


If you missed our ‘Uptown Funk’ video, check it out:


I want to see Lee!


Anyway, safe to say my calorie consumption was HIGH at the w/e.


Crappy food + alcohol + little sleep = lethargic + fluffy abs + off track


Only ONE thing for it.


Sort my sh*t out, get back on that fitness wagon and don’t WASTE a single second feeling guilty for something I can’t change.


^^^ tip of the day right there ^^^


Plus….what an EPIC party!!


It was actually our annual BodyMax Network (my fitness classes) Easter Event.


We like to have FUN working out and getting in shape as well as socialising and getting to know each other better.


That’s just one of the many things that makes The BodyMax Network a cut ABOVE every other fitness class.


If you’d like to get in the BEST shape of your life, having the time of your life.


GREAT News!!


Spree Book holders, you can see what all the hype’s about for FREE.



If you don’t have one…


Quote ‘BEACHBOD’ when booking and I’ll give you 50% off.


↪ To book, simply text Lee on 07510054788


** Offer valid till 31/05/18 – newcomers only **


Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect:



Lee ‘no regrets’ Donald x



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