‘Just because you ask someone for help doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it simply means you don’t have to do it alone’

– Lee Donald


I’m a BIG fan of that quote, not because I said it but because sooo many people unnecessarily STRUGGLE through life making it harder by trying to do things themselves.


Sometimes we need a helping hand or guidance which I can definitely relate to on both a PERSONAL and BUSINESS level but today’s blog isn’t about me.


If you’ve been part of The LDPT Network or reading my blogs for a while now, you may remember ‘meeting’ Leighann 10 weeks ago.


After a CRACKING review last week, I just wanted to share with you a little update.


Leighann was fed up not looking and feeling her best so decided to take CONTROL and do something about.


Leighann’s now been Personal training with me for 20 weeks, following one of my personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plans and coming to my BodyMax Blast class every Monday.


Here’s some of her progress so far:


In the last 10 weeks


Weightloss – 5.6kg (over 5 and half bags of sugar!)


Waist – 1.7cm off


Hips – 3cm off


BMI – Down 2 categories and now in the ‘healthy’ zone.


Leighann has also increased flexibility and strength.


Dropped 2 sizes on her top half and 1 size on her lower half.


In the last 20 weeks


Leighann has lost 6.7kgs.


Lost 7.2cm off her waist.


Lost 6.5cm off her hips.


Significantly improved her flexibility and strength DOUBLING the amount of press ups she can do.


The pictures above only show a small part of Leighann’s success.


What’s REALLY exciting/important is what I’ll tell you in a minute.


So WHY am I sharing this and how can it help YOU?


Firstly I believe ANYBODY who is not 100% happy with how they look & feel who decides to take ACTION deserves to have their effort acknowledged.


Getting started is ALWAYS the hardest part along with asking for help.


I also believe EVERY bit of progress should be celebrated no matter how big or small.


Progress is progress!!


I definitely DON’T believe in quick fixes, ‘magic’ pills, fad diets, excessive exercise or anything that makes you miserable.


Cause let’s face it


Life’s too short to be STARVING yourself, FORCE feeding yourself kale that you really don’t like or trying to do 2 hours of exercise EVERY day.


And THAT is the best and more important bit.


The secret to Leighann’s success???


1. Simply increasing her physical activity level doing exercise she ENJOYS.


(her workout time is never longer than 45mins).


In fact BodyMax Blast is only 30mins!



2. Following a personalized plan made up of healthy and satisfying REAL food all based around what she LIKES.


(Leighann is NOT on a ‘diet’).




3. Consciously trying to make small, positive changes on a DAILY basis.


(Consistency is key).


Has it been EASY? – No


Has it been SMOOTH sailing? – No


Leighann’s fallen off the ‘healthy eating wagon’ a few times (who hasn’t?)


Welcome to the road to success…it’s never a straight one.




The most important part is she’s got back ON it every time.


In the process…


Leighann’s not only changed her body, health and fitness but also her MINDSET, HABITS and LIFESTYLE.


This means she’ll not only be able to SUSTAIN this amazing progress but continue to make more.


Something YOU, me and everybody in the world is fully capable of doing.


I know you’ll read this Leighann so I just want to say a MASSIVE well done, I know it’s been a challenging journey but good things ALWAYS come to those who work for them xx




What could YOU achieve in 10 weeks, 20 weeks?


How would YOU feel if you dropped 2 sizes?


Leighann doesn’t have super powers (unless she’s hiding them), she simply decided to get someone to help her reach her goals.


If YOU need help…


Taking control.


Losing weight.


Eating healthier.


Building a better body.


Improving your fitness.


Getting back on that wagon.




Just want to feel healthier & happier in yourself, get in touch and we can get you on board that success train : )


Lee ‘choo chooo got your back’ Donald x



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