Go on…


Hands up!!


Ever sneakily eaten a WHOLE packet of biscuits to yourself?


Ever demolished a FAMILY SIZE bag of Haribo with no family members around?


Ever opened a resealable bag of Maltesers only to have NO NEED to reseal it?


Yup you probably felt as ‘clever’ as I did after but sometimes…
Sh*t happens and when cravings sneak into your brain you just CAN’T think of anything else but DEVOURING that sugary sweet stuff.


But rather than dwelling over it here’s 8 top tips to PREVENT anything like that happening again.


1. Drink first.


Dehydration is a BIG culprit for sending those cravings into OVERDRIVE so get some H20 down you asap before you reach for that ice cream, office treats, cookies or donuts.


2. Do a HIIT Workout.


A quick 10 min workout will pump your body and brain with HAPPY hormones & give you a post workout HIGH.


Having those natural FEEL GOOD chemicals flowing around your body will instantly help you KICK that craving.


And THIS is the type of workout I’m talking about.




3. Eat More Vegetables.


Load up on your veggies as much as possible and at EVERY meal if you can.


Veggies are FILLING & are amazing sources of FIBRE.


They suppress hunger and keep you SATISFIED for longer.


4. Go Nuts.


If you’re really craving sugar then choose nuts.


Not salted or roasted go for organic or NATURAL.


Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Brazil and Pistachios are all awesome.


Just don’t go TOO nuts with your nuts as over eating anything healthy can have a negative effect (aim for no more than a handful).


5. De-Stress.


Stress plays a MASSIVE role in your cravings.


Make sure you MAKE time for yourself (even if it’s just 5mins) to relax and BREATHE.


6. Sleep


Lack of sleep will send your cravings SKY HIGH.


(as a ‘new mum’ I can personally confirm this is 100% true!! lol).


Go to bed by 10/10.30pm & sleep in a bat cave switching of all infra-red lights on TV’s and your phone on silent.


7: Think Forward


If I see some sugary crap that I really want to eat (yes I’m human, it happens) but I know it’s definitely NOT going to take me closer to my goals…


I always ‘think forward’ and think about how I’ll FEEL after I eat it.


From the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick, how my belly will look, etc even in my MIND that is usually enough to stop me.


I know if I cave in I’ll feel sh*tty after and hey, NOBODY wants to feel like that so move over biscuits and come a little CLOSER beachbody!


8. DO THIS!!


Have a wicked week : )


Lee ‘craving crusher’ Donald x



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