I hope you’re having a great week AND more importantly month.


Can you believe we hit July tomorrow?!


If you jumped on board The Jelly Belly June Challenge and GRABBED the opportunity to get some seriously BIG results from making small, simple changes…


NOW is the time.


Let’s take those MEASUREMENTS and PROGRESS PICTURES folks.

(same time, place and clothing as on day 1).


How do you LOOK?
How do you FEEL?


What PROGRESS have you made?


Tell me, tell me, tell me I’d LOVE to hear what changes you’ve noticed, however big or SMALL!


I’ve NO doubt if you’ve been giving it your best, you’re going to see a MUCH happier person looking in that mirror.


Keep the positive habits you’ve learnt rolling and you’ll never have to worry about growing a JIGGLY JELLY BELLY again!!


If you missed it all, hey there’s a NEW month ahead.


Check it out:




Lee, will I still have access to the AWESOME belly blasting MAX Experience Jelly Belly June workout?




It’s right here on my Youtube Channel @ Lee Donald Personal Training.



Just hit the ‘subscribe’ button for QUICK and EASY access.


The Jelly Belly June Challenge may be ending but fear not, I’m going to leave you with some EXCITING news.


Watch THIS!



Lee ‘pumped for a new month’ Donald x



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