Your final week of The ‘Jelly Belly’ June Challenge!!


If you’ve just joined us and missed Weeks 1-3 click here:


It’s NEVER too late.


So hopefully by now you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water and taking around 10,000 steps a DAILY as well as eating more protein.


If you’re not quite there yet DON’T WORRY – Rome wasn’t built in a day!


These small changes that make a BIG difference are meant to part of your lifestyle and that isn’t going to happen overnight (even a month) but it WILL happen if you keep at it.


Plus ANY progress however big or small is still PROGRESS so give yourself credit for what you HAVE achieved.


What’s the last piece of our JBJ Challenge I hear you ask?


One of the BIGGEST reasons why people can’t shift that ab-flab and indeed any bodyfat is because they:


1. Underestimate HOW many calories they consume ESPECIALLY if they eat healthy! (see video below).


2. Are not HONEST about how many calories they consume.



Which brings us onto your FINAL challenge of the month.


Jelly Belly June – Week 4 Challenge


Track your food intake.


I mentioned MyFitnessPal last week.


You may already use it – GREAT.


If not watch this short video below and download MyFitnessPal for FREE from your app store.



It’s a super SIMPLE way of tracking your daily calories and macros (protein / carbs / fats) so you know EXACTLY how may calories you’re consuming.


Keep in line with your daily calories and hit your protein target (you’ll have an idea of this from last week) and I GUARANTEE you’ll soon see that jelly belly disappear!!


If you’d like someone else to do the hardwork and calculate this all FOR you to get the best results possible or you were wondering what my EXCITING news was…


Check out my 6 Week Nutrition Plans:




On Thursday 30th June – THIS Thursday.


Take your MEASUREMENTS and PICTURES again.

(hopefully you took these at the beginning of the challenge as directed)


SAME time, SAME place and SAME clothing as before – morning is best.


And stay tuned for Thursday’s blog @ 8am : )

Lee ‘giving you the tools’ Donald x



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