Today, I’m just gonna jump straight in.


Have you seen it yet?


The Golí Gummie ads all over social media.


Promoted by big celeb power couples such as J-Lo and Arod.



I know I’ve said it a million times before.


But I also know it can take a number of times saying the same thing for it to finally ‘hit home’ with people.


So if I can reach out and help educate/help even one person today – goal achieved.


1. Celebrities are paid BIG bucks to promote products!!


I guarantee you J-Lo’s amazing body and healthy look are NOT down to sucking on gummies.


Infact, if you follow her on social media you’ll see her working out regularly and taking care to make sure her nutrition is on point.


2. There are no quick fixes – period.


No gummie, no powder, no pill, no injection, no juice, no tea, no apple cider vinegar can magically help you lose weight faster regardless of what clever marketing promises.


If it sounds too good to be true – it is.


The ONLY ‘weightloss trick’ everybody needs to be talking about is a calorie deficit.


But I get it.


This isn’t sexy.


This doesn’t sound magical.


There’s not great ways to market this to make it sound more appealing.


Oh wait, there is.


Keto, Slimming World, South Beach, Cambridge, Weight Watchers….


Every single diet under sun dresses up a calorie deficit in a different way to make it sound sexier than it actually is.


And most importantly get you to part with your hard earned cash for the privilege.


Unfortunately this process can mean having to cut out certain food groups completely meaning you can kiss goodbye to things such as bread, biscuits, cake or consuming alcohol again – ehhh no thanks.


Unrealistic, unsustainable and simply unnecessary.


Life’s waaaay to short without cake : )




The process hides a calorie deficit behind points, syns and ‘free’ food so you have no idea how to manage your calories effectively, to take control and achieve lasting results.


Not so good for poor Karen going round in circle desperately trying to lose weight, however fantastic for these business’s to keep cash coming in.


I know this blog will perhaps ruffle a few feathers but at the end of the day I’m here to help and educate people.


To summarise.


The reason you’re struggling to lose weight is NOT because you don’t eat gummies.


And not because:


** You’re not taking raspberry ketones.


** You’re not taking fat burners.


** You don’t go to Weight Watchers.


** You don’t drink weight loss tea.


** You’re not vegan/vegetarian.


** You’ve haven’t cleansed.


** You’re not detoxing.


** You’re not paleo.


** You’re not keto.


** You don’t fast.


The reason people struggle to lose weight is because they eat too many CALORIES.


This Goli company, like many others, have made a mint off people who lack knowledge and know any different.


Please don’t believe the bullsh*t even if it sounds convincing.


‘Ok great Lee, but how can I help get my calories under control’.


Here’s some simple habits that can help you keep on track.


1. Aim for 3 meals a day (and protein at each one)


I’d also suggest having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time of day each week (if possible).


A little bit of structure and planning goes a LONG way.


Think lean meats, fish, eggs, pulses, yoghurt, etc for protein.


2. Allow yourself 2-3 snacks (around 100-200cals each)


If you can get protein in here too that would be great but if not, don’t stress.


Some of my faves are babybel lights, ham dunked in low fat philly, cooked chicken satays, high protein yoghurts, protein shakes/bars.


Along with curly wurlys, baked crisps, snack a jacks, low cal hot choc, 1-4 small 50cal bags of squashies and dark chocolate (usually 6 squares)


3. Don’t over restrict yourself


You can eat ANYTHING you like as long as stay within your daily (most importantly weekly) calorie allowance.


Using MyFitnessPal is super simple way to track and log this.


But if you’re not a fan of that, just use abit of common sense and don’t eat like you’ve never seen food before.


Nobody needs 10 snacks a day! lol.


Eat when you’re hungry and set meals times (see No.1).


4. Healthy food still contains calories – check labels/portion sizes


Just because something is ‘healthy’, doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t contain alot of calories.


Watch out for smoothies, nuts, butter, peanut butter, salad dressings, vegetable crisps, avocados, etc.


Moderation is key.


5. Limit alcohol to 1-2 x pw


This is a BIGGIE and will literally save you 100’s of calories.


Not just from the copious amounts of liquid calories but also from the food you munch while intoxicated aaaand the day after!


Your energy levels, mood, skin, waistline and liver will all thank you for this.


6. ‘Close’ the kitchen after 8pm (or whatever time is suitable)


Not because eating later has any effect on fatloss but just helpful to have a cut off time to prevent mindless snacking infront of the TV.


7. Join The MAX Experience 14 Day Action April Challenge.


This is exclusively for women and running inside my award winning online coaching hub The MAX Experience.


I’ll be going LIVE @ 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday 13th April) inside our private MAX Experience Facebook group to explain how it will all work.


At 7.30pm, you’ll be able to download your ‘Challenge Sheet’.


And on Wednesday we’ll be kicking off 14 days to a healthier, happier you!!


As with any challenge, it’s going to require some effort but I can promise you.


– It’s super simple.


– It will have a HUGE impact on how you look & feel in just 14 days.


– It will help you to continue to achieve amazing results LONG after the challenge ends.


Can’t wait!!


14 days today – restrictions will have just lifted.


If you’d like to shift some pounds, feel more comfortable in your clothes and happier in yourself by then, don’t miss out.


Oh yeah and it’ll only cost you a tenner!!!


(£5 if you grab 7 Day FREE Trial).


All you have to do is tap the link below and jump onboard.


If Want To Join The Challenge Lee!



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Lee ‘loves a challenge’ Donald x



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