We’re officially half way through January…


How’s it working out for you?

Have you hit any of your goals yet?


Perhaps the following sounds familiar?


Nothing works for me…

I can’t lose weight, no matter what I do…

I don’t have time to…

I can’t afford to…


I understand your frustrations and fully appreciate that some of you may have legitimate reasons but what I find in the vast majority of cases is that people with negative attitudes won’t succeed no matter what they try or do.


‘Once you quit, it becomes a habit.’ – Vince Lombardi


Excuses are EASY, quitting is EASY, blaming is EASY.

So it should be no surprise that achieving success is HARD!


It takes hard work and along the way you’ll go through highs and lows, experience mini successes and mini failures.

The road to success is never a smooth ride.


It takes dedication, determination, desire and discipline and it has more to do with what’s inside your heart/mind than anything tangible like having access to a gym, having the right equipment or even a good fitness program.


You often hear stories of UBER successful people and how they had to overcome huge adversities and beat what seemed like impossible odds to achieve the success they did.

 Trust me – it’s no coincidence they all have similar success stories.


‘Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort’ – Theodore Roosevelt.


The best part?

Everyone including YOU has the ability to succeed!


It’s not about money, equipment, clothing, weather or how many kids you may have.

We ALL have access to the most important ingredients to success and it comes from inside us:


Determination (to keep going no matter how tough it may be).

Desire (to change more than you want to remain the same). 

Dedication (to give 100%).

Discipline (to stick to your plan of action).


Find your passion and reason WHY you actually want to change.

Really think about how it’s going to FEEL staying exactly where you are.




Imagine how AMAZING it would feel to get where you want to be.

Imagine your body, your energy, your confidence and your happiness.

Let that DRIVE you.


And hey,


Did you see my ‘Tip of the Day’ last week?


It may just help change your ENTIRE day…


Check it out:


Stay tuned for Thursday’s email where I’m sharing 6 weird tips to crush your cravings!


Lee ‘injecting some positivity’ Donald x

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