Calling all the wonderful women who would love to…


Lose weight, tone up, feel stronger, fitter and happier in yourself BUT


Just don’t have much time and not a fan of the gym!!


Get ready for some rather EXCITING and life changing news.


For the 4th and FINAL time this year.


The MAX Experience doors are officially OPEN.


Aaaand there’s a ridiculously amazing VIP special offer up for grabs.


Grab it here:


Ok, great Lee but what is The MAX Experience?


HOW can it help me lose weight?


Press Play:


WOW that sounds fantastic!!


What’s your ridiculously amazing VIP special offer?


Get full access and test drive your 1st month of The MAX Experience for only £9.99.


(yup less than a tenner!).


If after your 1st month you decide you LOVE it, you’ll still only pay the regular price of £19.99.


NO contract, no fuss – you can cancel ANY time.




VIP Special Offers are LIMITED and must be grabbed before this Thursday.


1st come, 1st served.


Once they go, they go.


Whether you manage to get hold of a VIP place or not.


Either way, I’ll show you it’s worth EVERY penny!


I want in Lee:


Doors close this Sunday 10th September @ midnight.


After that, they won’t open till 2018!!


If you don’t want to wait and are ready to change your life, get results and make your happiness a priority NOW.


I’d love to help you.


Lee ‘ready to welcome you onboard’ Donald x



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