Sexier, lighter, leaner, fitter, healthier, happier, more toned, more confident, more energy, more time.


Oh yes, it’s time to for ‘Operation Beach Bod’ to commence and I’m excited to say…


The MAX Experience Doors Are Officially OPEN.


This is my online members area helping people look fabulous and feel SEXY this Summer without stepping foot in a gym!


Choose from 80 (and counting) belly blasting, feel good, 10min HIIT workouts.


From Warm up, Stretching, ‘How To’ videos to a fantastic private FB group for support, motivation and monthly reviews for accountability.


Getting in shape has never been EASIER!


Here’s what MAX Member Sara has to say about it all.



And yes enjoying fantastic workouts are important but what’s even MORE important is what you eat and drink.


If your nutrition isn’t on point you will NOT lose weight, you will NOT feel sexier and you will NOT be rockin that beach bod this Summer.


But don’t worry I’ve got you covered.


For full access to all videos,


Plus our private Facebook group,


Plus £15 off a personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


You can sign up to The MAX Experience PLUS.


Grab yourself a tasty, easy to follow plan based around the foods you already ENJOY.


From chocolate, crisps to your fave cake, there’s no restrictions.


This is NOT a quick fix.


This is about helping you establish healthier habits you can sustain for the rest of your LIFE!


Whether you like the sound of The MAX Experience or PLUS either way, you’ll need to be quick.


The doors close this Sunday 16th @ midnight and spaces are LIMITED!!


It’s going to work on a 1st come 1st served basis so if you want to take ACTION this April:


Click Here:


This will take you through to the ‘SIGN UP’ page.


Hit that sign up button, grab your place before they all go and let’s get ready to bring SEXY back this Summer!


And if you’re STILL not sure about it all, here’s a little taster of what you can expect.


Click Here:

Lee ‘excited to welcome you onboard’ Donald x



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