To all the mums out there who LOVE their children but…


Are rather excited their little darlings are officially back at school so they can get some time for themselves and get back on track.


To say goodbye to:


Those stubborn, Summer holiday, lockdown wobbly bits.


And hellooo to:


Regaining your confidence, clothes fitting better and just feeling HAPPIER with how you look/feel.


Perhaps you’re not a mum and just want to get fitter, stronger and feel SEXY again.


Either way, it’s time to get EXCITED.


I have the perfect way to help you bring sexy back and it couldn’t be easier.


Check out my Sizzling Sexy September Special Offer:



➡️ If you’d like help to get back on that wagon.


➡️ To shift some of those lockdown pounds & tone up.


➡️ To enjoy working out and not have to go on a diet.


➡️ To spend less time getting better results.


➡️ To have all the support you need and not have to join a gym.


This really is an incredible opportunity!!


Stay tuned to my social media on Tuesday 1st September 2020.


(social media channels below).


And hey,


I know there’s still a week till you can get your hands on this amazing offer so in the meantime.


Here’s my top 5 tips to help you get started.


1. Just Start.


Reality is, there is NO perfect time and there never will be.


It’s Monday, kids are back to school, sun’s shining, you’ve air in your lungs.


Now is as good a time as any.


Set some goals, drink more water, plan your meals for tomorrow.


It doesn’t need to be complicated or overly challenging.


2. You Only Have To Get Through The Moment.


That moment of starting will be the HARDEST.


Luckily, it won’t last long!!


3. Carve Out That Time For Yourself.


Nobody will GIVE time to you.


If you want it, you need to PLAN it and take it.


4. Expect Resistance.


It’s normal, change is challenging.


PUSH through it.


Feeling like you want to give up is OK but rule No. 1 is NEVER give up : )


It may be hard but it doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it, it just means you’re finding your way.


5. Get Support.


Never underestimate the POWER of a support network.


Even the most successful people have one.


Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague or workout buddy find someone to fire up your motivation and hold you ACCOUNTABLE.


Instead of stressing like a crazy woman and panicking how to get yourself back on track after the hols.


Just try to follow these 5 simple tips then sit back, relax and stay tuned KNOWING.


I’ve got you covered!!


Lee ‘bringing sexy back’ Donald x



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