Herbalife, Cambridge Diet, Raspberry Ketones, Slim Fast, Bootea, Boom Bod and this Body Pow which I stumbled upon at the weekend.


The list is sadly endless.


Companies selling absolute sh*te rolled into a tea, shake, bar, pill or even worse, an injection.


Making ridiculous claims like ‘lose a stone in a week’.


Backing it up with clever marketing/celebs and pretty pictures yet absolute NO scientific evidence to support their claims and NO fecking conscious they’re ripping you off.


Yet millions of women desperate to lose weight fall for this hook, line & sinker.


These women burn a hole in their pocket and either see zero results due to unrealistic/unsustainable low calories.




Lose a shit load of water weight which they then put back on as soon as they start eating ‘normal’ again.


Sound familiar?


If it does.


Please, please stop trying to find a quick fix to lose weight and feel happier in yourself.


There just isn’t one.


However, here’s some good news.


1. Weightloss doesn’t have to be complicated when you know what to focus on.


2. You don’t need to go ‘on a diet’.


3. You don’t need to stop enjoying the foods you enjoy or drinking alcohol.


This is exactly what I teach all the fabulous women inside my members area – The MAX Experience.


If you’d like some help and support so you can stop stressing about the next diet to jump on.


To take control back and learn how to lose weight for life.


And to make the process simple, enjoyable and affordable.


✅ Tap the link below, grab a 7 Day FREE Trial and let’s get started:




No gimmicks, no diet, no gym, no extreme exercise or supplements required.


Oh and incase you missed this on my social media last week.


Forget pills and shakes.


You also don’t need a DNA test to find out how to lose weight.


Apologies for the sweary words but this kind of stuff really pi$$es me off.



Whether you choose to jump onboard and let me me help you or not.


Here’s my biggest tip of the day:


Don’t take weightloss advice from magazines, the TV or celebs.


Or Karen next door who just signed up to be a Herbalife rep and has absolutely zero knowledge of nutrition!


Lee ’empowering women with the truth’ Donald x



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