How are you?


How are you holding up?


I truly hope you’re doing ok!


We’re now entering Week 3 of lockdown and I could be wrong but suspect many of you reading this have spent a significant time:


In your pyjamas.


Looking down at your phone.


Standing infront of the fridge looking for something but not sure what.


Scratching your head at your kids homework.


Downloading House Party / Zoom and to try stay connected with friends & family.


Aaand wondering when the chuff this craziness is all going to end!!


Yup – I can pretty much relate to all of these.


I’ve also been super busy looking after my family, everyone I train and creating a brand new Team LDPT Facebook group.


Action packed with live workouts, live Sunday support, recipes, tips, pub quiz fun, banter and a big focus on positive vibes.


This has been exclusively for my clients & fitness class members so far but have an exciting announcement coming this week!


** If you’re female.


** Want to know the best workouts you can do from home.


** Want somewhere to ‘go’ that always lifts you up.


*** To get through this tough time and come out stronger physically & mentally.


** And be part of Team LDPT.


(the most amazing, supportive community of women I’ve ever known)


Then make sure you stay tuned to my social media (channels below).


In the meantime,


I just wanted to share a popular recipe I posted in the new Team LDPT Facebook group recently.


Super simple and versatile.


(I don’t cook much and even I can make these, lol).


If you don’t like feta or black olives, try cheddar and mushrooms.


Enjoy and let me know what you think : )



Lee ‘working hard behind the scenes’ Donald x



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