How are you getting on?


If you read Monday’s blog, you’ll know I have a cheeky wee challenge for you today.


Brilliant for improving your balance and core, building the strength of your ankles and knees and most importantly.


A bit of FUN!!


Not many people can do this 1st time.


Can YOU?



Challenge your partner, kids or friends (on zoom) and see who’s got the most balance : )


Aaaand just incase you missed it.


Here’s two awesome ABC workouts that myself and the Mini Boss (my 4 year old daughter) filmed LIVE today and last week on my Facebook page.


They’re aimed at children age 6 years and under,




Fab for any adult who simply wants an excuse to get off the couch.


Despite the Mini Boss not doing anything I said, lol.


We had a great time filming them and hope you enjoy them too.


ABC Workout – Round 1:


ABC Workout – Round 2:


Please share these with other Mums you know who could do with a little help keeping their kids active or occupied.


Lee ‘understands why they say never work with children’ Donald x



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